The Hills creator told EW: ‘I think we’ve told the story of struggle and of finding yourself in LA. A lot of these kids have found themselves and have certainly embarked on different careers and different paths.’ In the first episode back, Heidi shows her plastic surgery face and body to her mom:

‘We tell the whole story. We pick right up where Heidi goes and sees her parents. And our cameras are there that minute the mother opens the door and sees her daughter for the first time. It’s a really touching but heartbreaking scene to watch.’ Heidi and Spencer’s relationship will also be a major focus:

‘Spencer is dealing with some stuff right now, and once he gets through that, we’ll be back to shooting with Spencer again. Bottom line is you will see him. He’ll be in most of the episodes.’ The final 12 episodes begin airing on April 27 @ PM EST. Will Lauren Conrad return? Fans shouldn’t hold out for it: ‘I always joked it would be nice to see Lauren get married.’

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  • Anonymous

    They should of canceled it when LC left.
    dumb MTV.

  • Magaly majano

    Just kidding. That was sarcasm lol

  • Anonymous

    thankssssss God!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear that it’s finally getting cancelled. I really didn’t like how in the season before Lauren left, how the producers kept pushing her to be friends with Heidi. She said in an interview that she knew she had had enough of The Hills when the producers invited Heidi to Lauren’s birthday (the one where she is on the cruise ship).

    Sometimes you can’t be friends, not because you stop caring about the person but because you will never be able to full trust them.

  • annie

    kind of glad that it’s canceled. i stop watching it after lauren left.

  • Anonymous

    Spencer’s working on finding a heart right now…

  • jmcullen

    About Fucking time..
    The Hills suck.
    Only Lauren made it cool.

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  • Anonymous

    good. fuck the hills. especially the fake hills on heidi’s chest

  • Anonymous

    hahaha everyone knew that show wouldn’t go anywhere without Lauren.

  • Anonymous

    no! :(
    well the first episode of heidi and her surgery should be entertaining..

  • court

    good this show fucking blows now anyway! lauren made the show and that fugly bitch kristin just made it go downhill. besides jersey shore is way better anyway!!!

  • Mareike

    good, I stopped watching it when Lauren left


    Its about time!


    Finally this show is done! It was garbage without Lauren and Kristen would do anything for ratings! She even would bitch fight her friends. Also the show was already fake but once Kristen came out of no where, it was CLEARLY fake. How the hell could she become best friends with a bar tender (Stacey) she didn’t even know!?

  • Magaly majano

    I love the hills it’s better than jersey shore and Hannah Montana and all the other shows on television nowadays the hills rocks it’s the beat show ever made

  • Anonymous

    but where in the article did it say it was cancelled?????

  • Sweetdisposition

    I’m glad it got canceled, it was shit without Lauren.

  • mileyluver15

    it stunk!! I stopped watching it because of lauren she made the show wat it was and kristin ruined it!

    so happy its over !! because the city is the show i like now.

    the two I liked in the hills was Lauren and Whitney. Whitney left and then Lauren left and the show was an EPIC FAIL!!

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  • loveforladygaga.

    she looks kinda like ashley tisdale in this picture.