Jesse McCartney TRIBECA FILM Festival


Jesse McCartney looking quite pal at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival Program and Tribeca Film Celebration held at the Station at the W Hollywood Hotel & Residences in Hollywood. Photos: WENN.

  • Anonymous

    damm looks like hes on drugs… his face does not look like his age. not at ALL!! and…well, he looks really weird, and pale, and his hair, and..ewww. ahahah

  • emmbugg

    Oh he also has to fix his right eyebrow…
    & get rid of the lipgloss thingy… =/

  • MEEsH

    i miss the old jesse.. :(

  • Anonymous

    oh my gosh…

  • Anonymous


  • Paula

    what happened to the old Jesse ? :(
    I miss his old hair ! Still love his voce thought .. :)

  • merissa99

    wow he looks so bad

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what happened ?? He looks like a zombie !!
    Xox hannah

  • cupcake

    horrible o__o

  • Anonymous

    omg wht happened!!! he used to be so cute wen he was younger.

  • cheaperbythedozen

    he looks like leonardo dicaprio here

  • island.B

    Awhh i still think Jesse is cute :)

  • heather

    hint jesse don’t take a tip from the cullens cause the pale look does not look good on you.

  • Anonymous

    I hope he isn’t unwell. Or maybe he is trying to get cast in twilight.

  • Anonymous

    I hope he isn’t unwell. Or maybe he is trying to get cast in twilight.

  • unknown

    i think Jesse looks hot!!!

  • asmoothcriminal

    I love Jesse. :) I think he looks hot, but the camera and flash and background can make you look really different.

  • Anonymous

    Why is he wearing lip plumper?

  • Sweetdisposition

    WFT happened to JMac,he looks awful. He is not aging well, at all.

  • Anonymous

    Drugs aren’t attractive

  • GoldenGal9311

    Man. I hope he’s not on drugs, or sick.

  • mileyluver15

    eww I cant believe i once thought he was cute.

  • Anonymous

    -wtf happened to him?
    -& does he have some lip gloss on?ew…just waaay to much make-up
    -he should grow his hair back ..+ he isnt aging very well…AT ALL!!
    i liked the old jesse :(

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a wax figure

  • danny

    he looks like a vampire xD but I love him!!! cant wait for his new album
    twitter: @danielitaaa7


    He’s wearing WAY too much make-up.

  • MulticolouredNinja

    Wth happened to him!? he isnt aging well at all either that or he’s on drugs! Aw i used to have such a crush on him in his blond days…

  • Anonymous

    he looks like he got wrinkles!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    oh no Jesse! what the hell happened?!!?

  • Anonymous


  • Elizabeth??

    Disdain(Rea) can be so annoying. I seriously can’t stand her.

  • Anonymous

    with this look he’d make a great edward cullen!!!!! almost better than rob :]

  • Anonymous

    is he auditioning for twilight wtf?

  • Fiona

    OMG! what happened to him. I always hated the short hair cut though. He looked much better when he was younger in that episode of the Sweet Life of Zach and Cody. Anyone remember that?

  • Amanda

    okay, hes not even wearing any makeup.
    and i think he still looks pretty sexy… long hair or not.

  • Anonymous

    who? oh yeah the guy who was eclipsed by zac efron

  • Anonymous

    it looks like a wax figure of him or something. wow

  • AnonsAreRad

    how did he become this ugly?????

  • Anonymous

    He looks dead. Maybe his next role should be in up coming Twilight movie, he’d fit in just fine with all the vampires and there’d be no need for a makeup artist. xD

  • TheFive

    he’s wearing too much make up.

    i think he has a skin problem, cuz that would explain all the concealer, and that would explain why he looks so old.

  • ghostly.

  • Anonymous

    I miss the “old” Jesse!
    At this time he would have kicked Bieber’s ass!

  • Anonymous

    omg he is not on drugs people! he just had acne which is what normal people get! and i think he looks cute!

  • Anonymous

    he looked so much cuter with longer hair. i understand he wants to look more mature, but maybe long brown hair and he could still look hot..

  • Anonymous

    ohmy, wtf happened?

  • Dangerpears.

    He is aging terribly, i use to think he was cute in summerland, but man, he looks weird now?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    his makeup artist neeeds to be fired

  • emmbugg

    Jesse NEEDS a tan..
    and grow his hair out again… :[
    he looks pale and ugh. i don’t like it!
    I love him though!!!