Very Happy 22nd Birthday Brenda Song!


Brenda Song turns 22 years old today [March 27, 2010]

  • Anonymous

    happy B-day brenda.!

  • Anonymous
  • merissa99

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Anonymous

    “CORN POPS, BOY!!”
    Sorry. Joe Jonas moment.

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday :)

    btw.. she looks really flat in that pic :L

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday, Brenda Song!

    + I love that dress.

  • emma13

    happy birthday brenda :)
    wow i totally forgot it was her birthday today and i am a huge fan of hers.

  • Diamondback

    Happy Birthday to Brenda :)

  • BAMF Princess

    Happy Birthday :D

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Brenda! <3

  • coco123

    Awesome you’re 22 Happy b-day!:)YOU don’t look 22 you look 16!:)

  • coco123

    :) cool!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Brenda Song…
    Btw its my birthday on the 27th of March which is so weird cus ur my numba 1 idol… and that isnt jus cus we have the sme b-day cus i liked her way be4 in found out

    Btw… Fergie and Mariah Careys b-day is the sme as well… 27th of March is the best day… Happy Birthdays my gougeous twins… lol

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  • Anonymous

    jealous bitch.

  • Anonymous

    happy birthdat brenda… :\

  • CupcakezLover

    Happy birthday! Love her. <3

  • Sweetdisposition

    Happy Birthday, Brenda!

  • MitchelMussoLuv-TokioHotelluv

    OH my word, the cornpops in the logo have returned.
    And happy B-day Brenda! <3

  • ET


    LOVE her

  • Anonymous

    Happy 22nd (Eeep! Cole Sprouse’s Favorite Number!) Birthday Brenda! Have a great onee! (:


  • Vessy

    Happy 22nd Birthday Brenda Song.

  • itsautumnbelle

    happy birthday!

  • Fiona

    Happy belated birthday!

  • carbomb__

    Feliz Cumpleanos Brenda :D:D:D

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Happy Birthday!

  • Anonymous

    happy b-day chika

  • Lucy

    3rd comment!

  • JonasGirl007

    happy birthday!

  • GoldenGal9311

    Happy Birthday.

  • JonasGirl007

    happy birthday!

    not spam ou.

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  • Julianna

    Happy BirthDayyyyyyy! :D