Frazzled Emma Watson arriving @ the airport in London today. INF.

  • Tina

    that pic gave me nightmares!!!! hahaha she is so ugly!!lol

  • lalalalea


  • dragos_ionut2004

    I’m sorry she looks so tired, but she’s cute anyway. I have a nice place to recommend. She must go to the Gatwick hotels. After a night there she will look great. That place is just awesome. When I went on a trip to London all I wanted to do was to stay in that cozy,warm bed.

  • beachhub23

    joke… as a matter of fact she’s beautiful

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  • Little.Monster

    Well i found the comment box hahaha

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  • Effy

    definitely not the only one ..

    love Emma!! she looks tired, poor thing,

  • Effy

    oooh! her dad is with her

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    The first picture is cute.

    Am I the one who gets a pop-out thingy by OU for some POP cereal or something?

  • Nancy1069

    FUCK OU, yes, I said FUCK, gotta problem with that, OU?

  • Anonymous

    love her!!!!

  • Nancy1069

    The first picture is cute.

    Am I the one who gets a pop-out thingy by OU for some POP cereal or something?
    You’re not the only one…