From musicmakerchick14: Emily Osment was at the Plymouth Meeting Mall in Pennsylvania March 27 and nd she introduced the band Allstar Weekend. She chats about filming Hannah Montana Season 4 and her best friend who got into the same college as her.

  • Janettt

    EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    emily is going to college in california

    and hannah montana isn’t done filming till may

    they have 6 more episodes to film

  • Anonymous

    No, which california college, she is a millionare and wont talk to you, she wont even screw kristi robinson and IM a girl, grow up!!!

  • icehoneybaby

    Haha! Comments!

  • Anonymous

    Why do JEMI and Selena always get talked about in every post and its not even about them?

  • Anonymous

    Emily Osment’s horoscope

    Seek out new venues of self expression. Now is an excellent time to start a hobby or class. Indulge yourself and try something new. Who knows what kinds of people you will meet, or what creativity may be unlocked. Don’t let self doubt or insecurities hold yourself back; now’s the time to go for it!

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  • J

    And what is the name of this college she’s attending?

  • Anonymous

    I wanna screw her so badly

  • Anonymous
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  • jt710

    that’s great for her! :D

  • Be3

    I couldn’t hear a damn thing she was saying! Are they done filming Hannah Season 4? I wonder what college she is going to attend?

  • Anonymous


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  • Adry

    Thats awesome that Emily is going to college..i hope she keeps making movies though…

  • A

    Love her Emily is so great cant wait for more from her….

  • Anonymous

    She is on tour with Allstar. I hope Selena is not jealous. :)

  • bookreader

    Good for her! Books are great for the mind!

  • Anonymous

    let me guess what next post is about…


  • Anonymous

    That’s great! Wonder to witch one…

  • Anonymous

    I love the clothes from selenas new clothing line.

  • Anonymous

    I love the clothes from selenas new clothing line.

  • Anonymous

    love emily!

  • Anonymous

    Yay Emily!!

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  • rr

    All I could hear was her fans screaming and a bunch of mumbling from the speakers. It was hard to hear anything at all. But I am glad she isn’t going boy crazy like Demi and Miley. Even though she has a boyfriend she is focused on her education which is what young women her age should be focusing on.