• XsparksflyX

    he is amazing, his voice reminds me of the rascal flatts :)

    he deserves to be recognized as soon as possible, he is not just a pretty face.

  • Michelle

    he is sexaaay. ;)

  • picstoburn

    why does he have 2 comments? that’s depressing lol.

  • Anonymous

    this post needs more comments.

    tony oller is fucking amazing.
    pretty soon, everyone’s gonna notice his talent.
    and people will be obsessing over him.

    it’s just a matter of time. ;)


  • Anonymous

    hes sooo good! :)

  • Anonymous

    Tony Oller’s horoscope

    Today is prone to miscommunication and setbacks. Don’t get upset if you’re having trouble conveying your point or articulating your feelings. Progress will blocked in the financial and professional areas of your life as well. Seek out the support of your close friends and family, as they’ll likely be able to offer you good advice.

  • jaime

    Tony Oller is so cute! He deserves to have the fame not Justin Bieber, Tony has talent.

  • Anonymous

    just WOW!!! his voice is VERY compelling. the music is very fine. he looks great! more of THIS please!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is an AMAZING song! He’s great! I Love Tony Oller!! XDD I sure hope to see this on Itunes soon!