Flawless ‘Malibu Barbie Heidi Montag is co-executive producing a new pilot revolving around the lives of Malibu High School students. Her co-producer Lexi Vonderlieth chatted with Malibu Surfside News about the new show: It will be ‘innocent and not exploitive.. We have worked very closely to find..

..the real stories in these kids and create a great show. I am excited for people to see the final product so they see what our vision is and how fun it is to be a kid in these technological times. We are in discussion with two networks until things are final, I can’t say much..

The show will consist of footage that we shoot with ‘big cameras’ and footage from ‘flip cameras’ that the kids use to film themselves. The idea behind it is that we as producers will film what we perceive as kids reality and the kids film their perception of their own reality.

This is all in hopes to keep it as real as possible. It’s also an insight into the teenagers’ life that we haven’t see before. The technological advances have changed so much.. At night, all these kids iChat, IM, Facebook, Twitter and it’s amazing to see the process they go through on a day-to-day basis.’ This sounds fun, good luck Heidi! Cast pic below.

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