Meaghan Martin Talks 10 Things, New Hair

  • Fiona

    I liked her better blonde. This new hair makes her look really old and doesn’t fit her at all.

  • Anonymous

    She’s gorgeous any way :) She looks more mature this way, and change is always good :D

    Let her do what she wants people..

  • Anonymous

    She looks way better blonde. And to – Blair Waldorf – the cast is pretty cool and it’s a awesome show. Why would that stop you from watching it?

  • Julianna

    Love this show!

  • cheskasg


  • musiciseverything

    The episode on Monday was really good and funny. Go Meaghan. =]

  • Anonymous

    Oh my God. I’m not watching this video but she looks freaking 35, no joke. She looks like she could be Ali Lohan’s BFF. Bad capture of her lol although she looks perfectly fine, but she shouldn’t look 35 at what, 18? Not even in a random video still!

  • Anonymous

    i love her.. and i love the show!

  • Anonymous

    what´s up with her face“?

  • Anonymous

    That hair….
    not her best look.

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    I haven’t watched the show just because of the cast.

  • Notion

    I liked her better blonde.