Twilight Eclipse NEW MOVIE STILLS

  • Anonymous

    he isss sooooooooooooooooooooo HANDSOMEEEE!!!!!


    Ekkk!!! Cannot wait!!!!
    Team Edward ALL THE WAYYY!!!

  • punk princess

    Like whoa! i can’t wait for eclipse!! SINCE THERE’S MORE ACTION AND MORE CARLISLE CULLEN!!!
    team Carlisle all the way…….lOVE THAT HoT dOC.!!!

  • Cesi.

    carbomb__ said:

    I want the real Victoria back. Rachelle Lefevre ftw >_< ------ YES! I simply don’t understand why they changed her, she had only one movie left..

    By the way, is it me, or the stars are looking better? They look kinda… hot.

  • hithere

    thst freaking awesome
    cant wait!!

  • hithere

    carbomb__ said:

    I want the real Victoria back. Rachelle Lefevre ftw >_< __________ Rachelle Lefevre FTW!!!! that new victoria totaaally sucks!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG their hair all look sooooooo down right fake!
    They should at least make them look real with such a big budget.
    I noticed most Cullens’ seem to be wearing denim. wtf?!?

  • vaa

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  • _liesyoutold

    stupid Bella for choosing
    sparkly Edward over an extremely
    hot werewolf who she knows better
    than Edward. and oh, love the picture
    with those 3 in it! that’s the part
    after Jacob kissed Bella !

    sorry for spoiling.

  • Anonymous

    From all the money this franchise has been making, you’d think they’d have enough money to buy her a decent fucking wig! And wtf happened to Jasper’s hair?

  • Team Jacob all the way baby!

    Taylor is as hot as ever in this movie!
    Kristen’s hair is totally a wig, anyone can tell.
    And Robert, well his just him. (don’t like him at all, no offence)
    Me and my best friend can not wait til this move comes out. She was first Team Edward but after she watched New Moon she says she is Team Jacob and saw him first when i did! LoL!!!!!!!!
    Team Jacob all the way baby! ( L )

  • Anonymous

    why the fyck r they all wearing denim? seriously am i the only one who notcies tat?

  • Fiona

    Taylor looks good at the campfire. Can’t wait for the movie, hope it relates to the book.

  • jmcullen

    Ahhh<3 Can’t wait<3
    Jacob=Sexayyy Werewolf<3

  • Anonymous

    yay :) can’t wait for the movie :D

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    kristen’s hair looks kind off fake

  • carbomb__

    I want the real Victoria back. Rachelle Lefevre ftw >_<

  • alyssa chan

    taylor lautner isso cute

  • Anonymous

    in 2nd pic you can really tell she’s wearing a wig :(

  • mileyluver15


  • Anonymous

    Geez. Calm the fuck down! You spelled ‘that’ and ‘dyed’ wrong btw.

  • Anonymous

    her wig makes her look like a different person :/ Team Jacob !! :P :L

  • whatsernamegigi

    Kristen looks so different in New Moon than she did in Twilight. She looks way better in NM.

    Eclipse is going to be epic for me because its a lot of Jacob and I’m Team Jacob so… :P

  • whatsernamegigi

    Kristen said her hair was a wig since she cut her hair really short in order to play Joan Jett in The Runaways.

  • island.B

    AHHHHH TAYLOR :)Me and my friends are SO excited for this movie its not even funny.