Aaron Carter ENGAGED To Maile Hochuli


Aaron Carter, 22, is engaged to marry student/ dancer girlfriend Maile Hochuli, 19, reports Star. A friend dished: ‘Aaron took Maile to the movie Alice in Wonderland, which she has been dying to see. She didn’t get to see the end of the movie though because Aaron got down on a knee and proposed..

..with a beautiful pear shaped diamond ring! Maile was completely overjoyed and said yes immediately!’ Aaron and Maile have been friends for years, but only started seriously dating at the beginning of 2010. Aaron was previously was engaged to former Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche for a week in 2006. Maile is making plans to move to Miami to be with Aaron.

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  • Anonymous

    nick jonas is a hasbeen like aaron soon

  • Anonymous

    that is adorable and i think they will last forever. fingers crossed

  • superJOEman

    Awww.. Best wishes to them.. ^^

  • superJOEman

    Awww.. Best wishes to them.. ^^

  • Nothing_At_All

    Haha he proposed at the movies? How trashy. And they’ve only been dating a couple of months. So you know this marraige will last like 4 months. Fail fail fail.

  • Alvin

    Aaron and Hilary is still the best couple ever! All teens in the late 90s were crazy about them, until skanky Lindsanity comes along….

  • Anonymous

    “Aaron and Maile have been friends for years, but only started seriously dating at the beginning of 2010.”


  • Anonymous

    WHAT THE HECK, if someone proposed to me in a movie theater, I would be pissed. That is not romantic at all, its just trashy.

  • GotJONAS .

    I can’t wait till Fetus Beaver is a hasbeen like him! But yeah I hope he’s happy… the picture of the two of them is adorable!

  • Anony

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  • Kimmiemaree1994

    Cute! sorry but i dont think it will last long :(

  • Sparklesxx

    They’ve been dating for 3 months, he proposed at the movies, and they’re VERY young. This won’t last 2 years.

  • asdn

    First of all, don’t say fail. Second, don’t say it three times.

  • Anonymous

    “No offense, but he isn’t very attractive anymore.”

    Totally agree with whoaaxitsxbre… :X

  • Fiona

    I don’t think the place of the proposal matters as long as your in love with each other but come on the movie theaters especially at the end when all the loose ends are tied. LOL but they do seem too young and only dated for a short time from the comments. Wait a while longer Carter. As i say this… who is Aaron Carter? (-;

  • whoaaxitsxbre

    Nick Jonas is not a has been!

  • whoaaxitsxbre

    I use to love him, haha.
    No offense, but he isn’t very attractive anymore.

  • Anonymous

    actually, its been a month and she’s obsessed with him and they won’t even get married.

  • Shyeah

    Cute but my god he got ugly

  • Anonymous

    Aw he actually looks like he’s in love with her, not in lust, so congrats to him!

  • Anonymous

    he looks so old

  • Taylor

    likeamaniac said:

    He sure lost a good one…….. and now she’s engaged too:)


    Agreed :D

  • likeamaniac

    Taylor, you a hilary fan?

  • Anonymous

    aww that’s great!

    He seemed so sad for a long time, now you can tell they are both very happy!

  • Anonymous

    YAY!! <33

  • Notion

    How cute :)

  • TheFive

    its about time he settled down.
    i remember the way he was acting in the carter’s reality show “House Of Carters”
    such a good show.

  • likeamaniac

    He sure lost a good one…….. and now she’s engaged too:)