• Anonymous

    very funny

  • Fowz_1994

    Demi Lovato rock’s my world love her alot and shes sooo funny :D

  • kikime

    she is great but you can totally tell she’s reading off a cue card!

  • musiciseverything

    Haha. This was cute. Her face at the end was priceless.

  • Anonymous

    love it
    demi rocks!!
    she can act and shes so funny

  • Anonymous

    Demetria! Keep it up. Your management finally woke up.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA really funny, I just love the soup and I? love Demi too.

  • thunderthighs

    The ending was the best thing about this. Priceless. Loves Demi!

  • Anonymous

    milkin the pr still, dem dem?

  • Anonymous

    the demi is beautiful … she uses a lot more black and she is better off without so much makeup

  • Anonymous

    demi is funny

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Love Demi, But I am starting to miss her old hair color :(

  • Anonymous

    LOL really funny … demi is the most beautiful I prefer the lighter hair

  • Anonymous

    selena and she could walk again was so cute together

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha really compared to his acting she’s pretty good

  • Anonymous

    she was prettier with the other black hair color that ages very
    demi back to the old hair color please ….

  • Anonadsfasfasfous

    lol. she’s short & oh so cute.
    i love the soup.

  • Anonymous

    Love Demi, But I am starting to miss her old hair color ….

    me too

  • Anonymous

    this hair color demi definitely not conducive to
    miss half of them were so beautiful together …

  • emma13

    that was kinda awkward to watch and kind of weird. and why does she always do that creepy smile she always does.

  • Anonymous

    she is very funny and also prefer natural hair old

  • JemiLoverCA

    Hahahahaha. I loved it! I love Demi!!

  • Anonymous

    That was lame & bad. :\

  • Anonymous

    campaign could have a”demi re-color your hair”… serious that no black ta cool she is so pretty with that hair looks like it has some 30 years seems to not understand that she wants to look older

  • Anonymous

    Part hair she actually has talent

  • musiciseverything

    Damn she’s short.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    Her acting was bad in this.. As always.

  • Anonymous

    Good thing she’s never been made fun of on that show. (:

  • Anonymous

    yes she had.r u being sarcastic?cuz joel made fun of her a couple of times.

  • Anonymous

    Wow she didn’t talk about Joe for once

  • lalalalea

    she’s amazing

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to watch it tonight.

  • kapindorkburger

    Lmfao, wtf? xD

  • Anonymous

    i cant stand her smille! seems so fake. It is just my opinion

  • superJOEman

    hahahaha.. So freakin’ hilarious!!!

  • Lisa

    loved the ending :)

  • Cynnn ?


  • cynthiaa

    Fuck you, man.

  • CrazyCrunk

    lol i love the soup

  • NotME

    ahaha love demi. ” Not any more” lol. she’s so funny :). and small :o

  • Anonymous

    she’s small…or he’s really tall? o.O

  • Anonymous

    hahaha? she’s awesome

  • Anonymous

    ahah cute.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha damn she’s short I never really had a perspective for it till now

  • Anonymous

    the soup is not funny

  • Anonymous

    Ha ja this is funny she looks so tiny too

  • TSLove

    Oh god.That smile! CREEPY!!!
    Her actig too….enough said in my opion.

  • Anonymous

    not bad lovato

  • Anonymous

    Terribly acted. She’s the one on the show because she’s famous for talking about how she’s dating Joe.

    This guy’s acting doesn’t have to be good. He doesn’t claim to be an actor.

  • Angelica

    You probably have NEVER watched this show before. Everyone who comes on acts like that. Even some of the best. The girl from Dexter, the girl from Precious, Stephanie Pratt… They all did the same thing. It’s supposed to be awkward ’cause the setting of the show itself has that sort of environment.

    … This is was probably one of the legitimately funny guest spots the show has had in a while.

  • Anonymous

    He is an actor. So your point now is?

  • Me:)

    THat was hilarious!!!! I love demi AND the soup.

  • ggggffff

    That show’s built on bad acting. If you all can’t understand that then don’t critique it! Everyone on that show’s awkward.
    But good job, Demi. I didn’t catch the part with the monkeys at first ha.a

  • CupcakezLover

    I completely agree. Except “Stephanie Pratt” and “best” shouldn’t be in the same sentence. =D

  • summerobertsx

    wow. haha

  • Anonymous

    she looks older with her make up…