From Ashley: Me & my family met Chelsea Staub at Disneyland in Anaheim with some of her friends last weekend. She was super nice & really pretty in person!

  • Anonymous

    as soon as i saw this picture i immediately looked at chelsea and thought woah wth happened? Like everyone says she was beautiful before and looked perfectly fine, i disagree with people saying she was “chubby” I think she was skinny, but NOW its over done skinniness.

  • Anonymous123

    last weekend…last weekend?!?!
    i was just at disneyland last weekend. how come i didn’t see her? :(

  • Caroline

    omg she’s gotten so thin… at least her chest/collarbones are really bony now. her legs are still the same…

  • mileyluver15

    well i hope nicole anderson doesnt look weight because shes not like sick skinny but she is skinny but just not like skinny as chelsea or selena soo i hope she doesnt go down that road..

  • Anonymous

    Chelsea was not “chubby” before she was beautifull, and perfect in her body. She was thin before!! Now she is just way to skinny. I’ve seen her Twitter profile picture, it doesnt look right, her bones are sooo far out.

  • Rayne_A

    Oh chelsea! She is SO beautiful why does she look like that? I hope she is ok.

  • Anonymous

    She’s got an eating disorder. I know this because I am struggling with anorexia now myself. I hope we both recover. It’s a deep deep hole that is very hard to get out of.

  • Anonymous

    first you guys all complained that she was chubby and then she loses weight and you all say shes too skinny! make up your minds. its people like you that make these disney girls try to be perfect

  • christie

    i <3 chelsea! she is soooo nice! i met her at xmas meet n greet and she is gorgeous in person!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Chelsea was NEVER chubby. She’s always been skinny. Perhaps as she’s matured her body has slimmed down in some areas. Mine’s done that. Leave her be. If anyone has a problem with food, I can assure you these comments do not help. Chelsea I hope you had fun at Disneyland, you look lovely darling.

  • Rayne_A

    first you guys all complained that she was chubby and then she loses weight and you all say shes too skinny! make up your minds. its people like you that make these disney girls try to be perfect

    Umm obviously you cant read. one person said she was chubby and the rest of us said shes BEAUTIFUL and was SKINNY. None of us said chubby. Just one person. I think she was fine.

  • Anonymous

    celebrities must get so tired of posing next to awkward little freaks all day when they’re actually trying to have a life

  • BAMF Princess

    she looks so gross….ew

  • jemi lover!!

    stay the fuck away from jemi,you bitch!

  • Anonymous

    she seriously needs to gain some weight.
    that is too skinny

  • yesaella


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  • Anonymous

    She did use to be a little chubby..this could just be how her body naturally I’d. As long as she’s eating healthy and working out (but sadly I doubt it)

  • Anonymous

    She did use to be a little chubby..this could just be how her body naturally I’d. As long as she’s eating healthy and working out (but sadly I doubt it)

  • Anonymous

    Whoever is saying Chelsea used to be chubby is out of their fucking minds. Don’t know where the fuck that came from. She’s never been chubby.

    I’m not sure if it’s just the picture or whatever, but I feel like she’s gonna break into little pieces. She’s just skin and bones. It scares me when people get that thin.

  • Anonymous

    she’s gotten very skinny

  • Anonymous

    im scared for her.

  • demiifan
  • Anonymous

    put some pounds on!

  • Tamara

    I don’t like this Blah?

  • merissa99

    wow way too skinny

  • mileyluver15


  • Chelsea-Rose

    She is so thin! I hope she puts some weight on, she is so beautiful and incredibly nice.

  • Anonymous

    She lost so much weight and it looks disgusting on her.

  • Anonymous

    You can see her ribs, dude.
    She doesnt need to end up like Nicole Richie.

  • Anonymous

    i think she was sick recently and just lost some weight

  • Anonymous

    i saw her and she looks the same. i think the style of shirts she has been wearing just show it more

  • Anonymous

    This is disgusting, she’s blatantly flaunting the fact that she’s at an unhealthy weight.

    I hope the bitch realizes she works for Disney and should have a positive influence for younger viewers, and decides to get help.

    Fucking ugly attention seeking slut.

  • KristenOhHey

    she definitely does NOT have an eating disorder. i think it is that she doesn’t really eat a lot in general but her metabolism is crazy. cause isnt supposed to be the fastest in your early 20’s? thats where she is now!

  • Anonymous

    what park was this at cause i was there yesterday too :D

  • Anonymous

    I eat hamburgers, pizza…anything I want….and in huge portions. My rib cage shows. No one leaves me nasty comments. I live a busy lifestyle and it burns off more than it has in my past. The early 20’s thing is also true. My family i thin. Might she possibly be a busy girl with good genes too and age 21 too? haha, I think so.

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  • Anonymous

    WOAHH! chelsea is TOO thin O_O

  • Anonymous

    I know right. it’s terrible…I hope she knows that she’s beautiful the way she is.

  • JBFan…

    She does look shockingly thin.=/
    It’s not right. I think her people need to realise there is a problem here before it is too late.. She’s so talented, I’d hate to see us loose her to an eating disorder..

  • christina

    She is so thin & skinny eyw. online education

  • christina

    She is so thin & skinny eyw. DWI lawyers

  • Amber

    She has lot too much weight. Her twitter picture is revolting. It makes me sad that this is what some girls aspire to be..

  • Anonymous

    uhmm i dont see why everyone is freaking out. yeah shes skinny but shes not scary skinny. calm down! i think she looks good!


    that’s ridiculous crap. she’s anorexic for Heaven’s sake! i’ve known it for awhile since i’ve seen her photos on twitter. she won’t recover without serious medical help. we see her as too thin, she sees herself as too fat. it’s harder to get over than just said. i should know.

  • Anonymous

    oh wow. she’s way too skinny…

  • fireisinourhearts

    She really needs to put some weight on, it is not normal to see that much of her ribcage. She’s on a TV show playing the love interest/best friend of the jonas brothers, how many girls would aspire to be her? Sadly some people will think it’s by looking the way she does.

  • kali

    uhmm i dont see why everyone is freaking out. yeah shes skinny but shes not scary skinny. calm down! i think she looks good!

  • Jonas88

    She looks so thin :(

  • karla

    FUCK! i went to disneyland last weekend

  • sarah

    she used to be a little bit chubby but now shes way too skinny.