Honor Society Martini Ranch Scottsdale


From Angelina: I won soundcheck party, meet and greet passes and two tickets to the HS concert in AZ. The soundcheck was hilarious! They are just so nice. Over all.. BEST NIGHT EVER! Kassandra sent pix from San Francisco.

Arin Interview under!

  • Anonymous

    he neeeds to shave :L

  • Anonymous

    honor society suck! i do not like them at all.

  • superJOEman

    I love Alex sooo much!! Good to see him smiling again after what happened to his father.. ^^

  • Anonymous

    ia with Alessandra & Sandra.

  • b_j_d

    These guys are so sweet, they were very nice when I met them over the summer and they’re talented as hell.

  • Angelina

    YES! My photos! haha Like I said.. BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!

  • Aly

    I was there too!! It was definitely one of the best concerts i have ever been to!
    Dont hate on them, they are very talented gentlemen! and they are very sweet :)

    OceanUP, please post more stuff about them!!

  • sandra

    okay 1.) since when is 30 considered old? 2.) his beard is black, are you color blind? 3.) mike is the farthest thing from joe jonas. 4.) he’s hot, stop hating!

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  • msjonas13

    ive met them theyre super nice

  • Anonymous

    They r super nice guys

  • Anonymous

    why does he have a gray beard?!?!?!?! how old is this guy?

  • (>o.o)>

    looks like a joe-wannabe :D

  • Anonymous

    michael doesn’t look like a joe wanna b,u ridiculous bitch.honor society r wayyy better than da 3 faggets brothers and always will b.H S FTW!

  • Alessandra

    Excuse me? Joe wanna be? I think not. Mike Bruno is a loooot hotter than Joe Jonas, sorry ;) Oh and it’s called scruff, it looks pretty damn sexy and he’s the farthest thing from an old man. Didn’t know 30yos were old men now? Hmmm…. Ignoramus.

  • jonasgirl425


    but i love honor society <3

  • xCookieMuffin

    Looks like an old man with a weird beard that decided to join a band =/.

  • Carlaa

    aww i love them, they are awesome!

  • GotJONAS .

    YAY ! OU please post more about them! Honor Society is amazing =)