Victoria, ‘Looks Don’t Really Matter To Me’


Victoria Justice chatted with Popstar! about dating/ boys. What is she looking for? ‘Someone who is really funny, that’s really important to me. I don’t even have to find a guy attractive at first, but if he was a really good personality and is really sweet and definitely funny then I’ll like him.

Someone who has good manners and who is nice to my family and my sister, that’s important. And someone who is fun to be around and adventurous and up to do whatever.’ What was her favorite date? ‘I went, not bungee jumping, but I think it’s called sky-flying at Six Flags with a guy once. The was really cool. We were up really high and were holding hands. It was fun!’

On dating: ‘I’m sort of aggressive, but I won’t go up to a guy and be like, ‘Hey, I like you. Let’s get this started.’ I like becoming friends with the guy first and if something happens, something happens.’ Do looks matter to YOU?

  • ahahahaha!

    for a second i thought she was camilla belle! :3

  • Nelenaburninup on twitter

    cool :3!

  • emma13

    did she dye her hair or something. or it could maybe be an old pic. i mean ou loves using old pics when they post half the time.

  • vanessa

    shes gorgeous.

    and yes looks matter to me the most, which sucks. but im a model, so i kinda think about looks first.

  • island.B

    Shes beautiful and seems like a sweetheart :)
    looks matter to me but not a lot.kindness& being mature are the most important things for me :]

  • BAMF Princess

    Who the fuck is this chick? How is she even famous?

  • Anonymous

    she look like hannah

  • mileyluver15


  • Anonymous

    who is that?

  • jonasgirl425

    she looks like vanessa hudgens!

  • Alexx.

    umm i dont know who she is ;D

  • Anonymous

    cudda fooled me

  • Fiona

    This picture makes her look like Vanessa H. cause of her cheeks. She looks nice with the blonde hair here.

  • Anonymous

    vic would be great with taylor lautner.

  • Anonymous

    i think her & dylan sprouse should date they seem like good friends

  • Anonymous

    no, she posted that on twitter as an april fools joke

    it was a wig

    her hair is still brown, thank goodness

  • silacon

    Did she dye her hair? I liked her hair better when it was brown. She looks better as a brunette than a blond.

  • robbobwarnpeace

    The cool guy that I am, I follow her on twitter… it was an Aprils fools joke, and yeah she’s way hotter brunette

  • Nancy1069

    Did she dye her hair?

  • msjonas13

    thats coooollll

  • tideway
  • jtqdcawv

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  • Anonymous

    She’s soooo hot.

  • YoLLen
  • Mimegods
  • prankjojo
  • robbobwarnpeace

    …?ØV??Ÿ…. bored!

  • Sweetdisposition

    Imo, Victoria Justice is the prettiest of all the disney and Nickelodeon girls. She has amazing cheekbones.

  • Anonymous


  • Katie13

    did she dye her hair? i liked it brown :/
    Anyways shes beautiful

  • Tinaax3

    Shes really pretty.