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  • iamreallyfree
  • Anonymous

    cheerleader haters much? Then why does everyone wanna be a cheerleader then if y’all hate the sport? Cheerleading for the Win<3

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like another tacky version of Bring It On. The script is awful

  • yesaella
  • chemical react

    aly look amazing =)
    love her

  • Anonymous

    i’d bang her tight hole so hard

  • rohinian
  • movielover

    This one will positively flop. Point 1: Disney isn’t producing this! Point 2: Who came up with this plot biggie? Point 3: When will Hollywood and TV finally get it that to stop wasting good money after cheerleading movies? Do you think we have enough of these movies!!!

  • movieman

    I agree Aly looks amazing. However, this role sucks as will the movie. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao Hellcats sounds like the worst show ever. Will Ashley Tisdale ever get a decent job? So far her best work has been Phineas and Ferb.

  • Anonymous

    another cheerleader movie. i don’t know why either of these girls would stoop this low. i seriously it will get picked up as a series on cw. it would have to be awfully darned good. and with ashley tisdale in it, it’s doomed for failure. hope she doesn’t have to do any of her nasal singing. oh, wait, she’s playing a cheerleader so she’ll be doing shrilling nasal cheers. omg, who would watch that?

  • Anonymous

    it’s kinda sad that ashley is still waisting her time with that girly crap .. i’d like to see her in more “serious” movies. she’s never gonna make it if she’s staying a disneygirl forever. even miley cyrus noticed that it’s better for her to quit disney!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe that it took this long for a network to pick up a tv series for cheerleading. with the huge success with the bring it on series and how the sport is emerging into the limelight rapidly, i am glad that it is finally getting the respect it deserves. And Aly and Ashley will do a great job giving cheerleaders a great name!

  • TizzFan

    aww they both look pretty!!!
    i honestly cannot wait for hellcats its definitely going to be a hit!! :D
    u’ll see haters ;) and when that happens ill make sure to laugh at how jealous ppl can be
    but anywho both girls r talented and have all it takes soooo GOOO HELLCATS WOHOOOO :)

  • Anonymous

    Jemi post jemi post im bored

  • yaya–

    is it a series all ready or are they shooting the pilot and then see what happens or what?:S

  • Mareike

    Wait, they’re just doing the pilot? I thought it was already gonna air and everything lol

  • you dont need to know

    they are filming the pilot..i dont believe its been picked up yet


    I love Ash, but I smell a FLOP.

  • Anonymous

    yeaaaaaaa i was first
    suck it

  • Anonymous

    I love aly’s dress!
    Hey please fill out my survey:)

  • Anonymous

    The nose job didnt help Ashley Tisdale much huh???
    She is still doing crappy jobs!

  • Anonymous

    how many years have ashley
    soory for my english I am albanian