Honor Society Covers Rihanna Lady Gaga

Thx Christine!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE them<3.

    They are so talented.

  • iFail2Much

    I pressed this to hear the Speechless cover. They sang like 2 lines, wtf


    Loveeeee them :)

  • Anonymous

    Amazing :) Love Honor Society so so much.

  • Anonymous

    looooooooove you michael bruno! <3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I saw this live in Scottsdale (:
    It was great!
    If you have the chance to
    see them, go! haha (:

    I love that Mike looks at
    fans directly to make
    them feel special :)

  • miko890

    AWWW!!!! THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! I <3 YOU MIKE and HS!! they are amazing!!

  • cheskasg


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  • cheskasg


  • dont jugde

    coool :)

  • cheskasg


  • HeyYouOkayNot


  • HeyYouOkayNot

    I like your icon;)

  • Jennifer

    love themm <3

  • NicksSweetCaroline

    Dont really no much of Honor Society… but that dudes voice is beautiful

    Voices make me like guys you see :)

  • NicksSweetCaroline

    Why are JB telling us not 2 wear shoes ?