Tiff Giardina Jonathan Cooke iPad Pose


Did any of YOU get the iPad yet?

  • MellissaB

    think JCook Tiffany and Selena are together right now?

  • laurra

    OMG are they writting together? i love both of them!

    im so excited for her new music!

  • MZ

    No, I didn’t OU, you know why? Because it’s a monumentous waste of money.

  • diddy

    so is tiffany giardina and jonathan cook. they should do a song together.

  • Little.Monster

    Tell me when the next generation iPad comes out and then i’ll buy it.

  • whatttt

    i like how jonathan doesn’t smile. what a shamee..
    tiffany looks so pretty.
    i hope they write music together that’d be SICK!

  • Sweetdisposition

    Aside from it’s quite useless to me, the name it’s self makes me not want to buy it…the next apple creation will be dun dum da dum!; the Itampong.

  • Anonymous

    >.< dont put FTSK on OU !! theyre not the same as these people !


    I don’t want that fat excuse for an iTouch

  • leLIVREinterdit


  • Anonymous

    tiff is cool
    i want the i pad so bad !!!!

  • mariah

    love the background on her ipad.

  • AlwaystheTruth

    wow the Ipad is huge!
    not sure if I’m going to buy it…

  • kar

    love her love him. cool kids.

  • oxoemmaoxo

    No im not going to buy the Ipad OU, It’s a waste of money. I’ve got the Ipod touch and im not going to waste money on something that is just like the Itouch but bigger.

  • Anonymous

    No! The ipad sucks!
    Technical problems have been already reported…
    I would wait until a second generation comes out :)

  • Thann

    I have the Ipad! but I prefer Iphone

  • Kourtney

    Little.Monster said:
    Tell me when the next generation iPad comes out and then i’ll buy it.
    the 3g is coming out later this month.

  • abc

    johnny cash is on his shirt

  • picstoburn

    lmao try sneaking that in class,it’s soo big O.o

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is this ugly skank?

  • Anonymous

    why is she on this site? who is she?

  • musicmylife1993

    No, and I wouldnt want one.

    im very happy with my Ipad.

  • jessalyn

    shes soooo pretty

  • Anonymous

    My brother said it’s completely useless He said it just a bigger version of the I-phone and all that crap.

  • Anonymous

    it’s Cook without an e.

  • sara12

    she is so beautiful! love tiff and i love ftsk! and the ipad ;)

  • hilary_babe

    its jonathan COOK haha no e
    well as long as you guys dont gossip about ftsk its cool
    they’re genuine
    and the i-pad is over-rated haha

  • Anonymous

    whoa, that looks awesome! & wait, are they recording together? because thatd be incrediblee.

  • Anonymous

    lol ‘ipad’.

    Whenever I hear that I picture a commerical of girls saying “i-pad..with Tampax!”

    “Do YOU i-pad!?”


  • merissa99

    Did any of YOU get the iPad yet?

    no and i’m not going to. it is a waste of money. i don’t even know how to use my sister’s ipod i don’t think i am going to understand an ipad.

  • Jessie D

    I don’t like Ipad , its so BIG.

  • Anonymous

    loveeeee tiffany! i cant wait for her new music :)

  • Anonymous

    yup got it AMAZING!

  • Anonymous


  • _huajaichumpoo

    What’s the big deal with the iPad? It doesn’t seem like something I would buy.

  • Nancy1069

    The I-what?

  • Twilightsucks


  • J

    Nope but i would sure like one



  • Anonymous

    is that like a maxi-pad that gets the internet?

  • Anonymous

    i love Tiffany!!!! are they making music together??? i hope

  • Nancy1069

    It looks like an iPod with the size of a laptop

  • Anonymous

    i pad is a virtual

  • LaLaLaLand


  • Anonymous

    yeah i got it! its really awesome! & typing is a lot better than with the iphone.