Trace Cyrus Ashland High FRENCH KISS

Trace Cyrus’ new song ‘French Kiss‘. Via ONTD. Why did Metro breakup?

  • Nixienemi

    Didn’t listen it because Mr. Ed can’t sing!

  • Anonymous

    i don’t understand .. there are plenty of bands that are dyin’ to be discoverd and signed, but they just waste the chance ..

  • Anonymous

    Well… at least he’ll fade into obscurity now. 5 mins of fame are up, well unless you count photobombing Miley’s premieres and stuff.

  • merissa99

    no i dont like it…i love metro station just not trace.

  • Anonymous


  • JoBroGirl

    Personally I don’t like the song.

    And I think that the reason why Metro broke up was because it seems to me that the Cyrus family likes to have fame all to themselves. Miley is leaving Hannah Montana. She wants to be known as “Miley” not “Hannah”. Her sister, Noah, is eight (or something like that) and she is already called sexy?! Come on people. Billy Ray, he is famous. Brandi, she isn’t very famous, but she has a band. And Trace’s band just broke up. Considering that he is already making his own music, makes me think that he wanted to go his own way. The only people that aren’t in the spotlight often are: their mom, Tish, their brother Braison, and Miley’s half brother, Christopher. Christopher isn’t famous at all.

  • Anonymous

    obviously!! cause trace sings HORRIBLE!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. This.. was.. like.. uhhh.
    Let me just say it… IT SUCKED! :|

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck, that was awful..

  • Maddison

    The song is ok I guess butI liked Metro Station a million times more than this. I wish they didn’t break up!!!

  • Anonymous

    They obviously break up cause of traces awful voice!! he ruins songs! he rlly thinks he can sing! i liked MS songs except for him ¬¬ ohh and the song terrible

  • Anonymous

    um someone needs to give
    that dude a new pair of trousers !

    he can’t stand it that his baby sister
    is having all the fame … he refuses to stand in her shadows he wants his own fame !
    its not really working isnt it ?

  • FckHaters

    <3 Trace is PERFECTION ;]] No matter if you all have crap in your mouths ;)

  • lianna

    no k its cause anthony and blake left earlier this year so it was left with trace & mason and it wouldn’t succeed so they went their separate ways. no comment on trace’s new musical “endeavors”

  • Melissa

    Now I thought I didn’t like it but here I was about to hit play again and it hit me, i was like damn i actually like it. It is definitly a dance song that will be stuck in your head. I just wish there wasnt as much auto tune. He can sing pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    just like T-Pain he can’t sing without

    atleast T-Pain can rap decent !

  • Anonymous

    nope nope nope i did not like that one bit

  • Anonymous

    Great sound and great music, terrible lyrics. A little “nasty” for some people who listen to them.

  • Anonymous

    ewww @ all the autotune -_________-

  • jmcullen

    Fuck, I love Trace
    But i don’t really like the song
    Very disappointing. :[

  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    ehhhhh…its aighhtt

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing what comes out of some people. I liked it. good dance tune & actually … I like his voice. Not what I expected. I’m thinking he needs a different image though to pull off a solo gig.

  • iMystified

    fake emo prick…

  • nothingpersonal

    Because they fucking sucked.
    – Nothing Personal

  • Anonymousssss

    I’m sorry but this is absolutely fucking horrible. Fuck it ruined my ears, I’m not even kidding. HOLY SHIT I CAN’T DEAL, horrid.

  • Anonymous

    i love metro station, and i love trace.

    but this is god awful hideous. i thought it would be good. but it wasnt.

    this musical creation is just an epic fail. if a ‘song’ is defined by sounds which cause the listener thoughts of sticking a pistol in their mouth, then theyve got it sorted.

    i seriously felt my brain turning to mush..

    trace please STOP. i love you but this is terrible and you must know that. but i guess its karma. thats what you get from stealing the limelight from your other band mates, not only did they leave the band due to your horrible attitude but you seem to have been cursed to create this awful ‘music’

  • Anonymous

    METRO! Trace can’t have a solo career. He can’t perform this live with all the auto tune. He doesn’t sing, he didn’t in Metro. He talks. Mason, on the otherhand, CAN SING.

  • Julianna

    Hey horsey.

  • gingerrx.

    doesn’t sound bad.
    but whyy does he want to go solo?

  • Sweetdisposition

    Don’t want to listen to it. A song called french kiss by HIM…ugh. Nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    This song is the best ever. <3 I love it.It’s so adictive.

  • Anonymous

    wth is up with people these days… i might as well just ignore hollywood altogether.. friggin retarded

  • hotmess

    Jeffree Star much?
    Dislike both of them.

  • Anonymousssss

    i love the song.. dont hate

  • Jonas In My Dreams

    this song is actually decent. and to someone above, he wants to go solo because metro station broke up.

  • Anonymous

    ick. metro was WAY better.

  • Tinaax3

    ehhh, its alright.

  • Anonymous

    Breakup: Half the band had already quit, so it left Trace and Mason. They probably didn’t want to do music together anymore so the band broke up. After one album. Other: Yeah, the Cyrus family is attention-hogging. I mean, sending Noah out in an ADULT-looking costume for Halloween. That’s desperation, if I ever saw any.

  • hool_

    they broke up cuz trace is a douche. grrr

  • Anonymousshauni

    gross!I miss metro station!

  • Titanfan

    I learned several things from listening to this:
    This is a person who has shown flashes of talent here and there…mostly there…but I digress.
    Unfortunately, This has just confirmed for me that any flashes have gone bye bye.
    Another tidbit of knowledge is that I now know that music truly can be a means of torture.
    We should be wary of these types of torture loving crazy hills have eyes wannabemusician folk.

    The verses are utterly horrible plastered with easily the worst softsynth samples ever created…I mean…seriously?
    I think I can hear what he is “trying” to do in some spots but it just fails with a very large F.
    Hey, maybe this is like a segue into an upcoming project….Like, say, a really bad Vanity tribute band.
    Although, I guess there’s really no such thing as a good Vanity tribute band.

    The chorus COULD be pretty strong but anything good is completely ruined by the whole french kiss/red lipstick lyrics.
    It’s one thing is you want to sell out to make a buck, but if you sell out…here’s a tip……make music that people will actually enjoy!!!!…..and don’t make it SO obvious that your mission is to sell out.
    French kiss? c’mon trace.
    It’s no wonder Metro Station broke up if this is his new musical direction.
    I’ll never get back those minutes of my life.

  • gemvann

    wadda hell?? god pls help that man!! he looks like a mental RETARDED being…ugh and the song totally not my choice..i want METROSTATION back man..!! i ? miley but his brother is a certified NO,NO

  • Anonymous

    yeah not liking this so much… :(

  • 30secondstomarsforevr<3

    I do not like Trace at all. I really hope Mason does well cuz he has an amazing voice he just is kinda stupid. And the song is horrible

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty catchy,

    but sounds exactly like Jeffree Star and Blood On The Dance Floor :/