Tim Urban, ‘I’m Single!’

American Idol contestant Tim Urban told Extra that he is single!

  • Anonymous

    Not my type but he’s cool…

  • Anonymous

    lol this is nice to know :) he’s such a cutie. I hope he doesn’t leave today.

  • Love you bitch.

    That boy is fiiiine. [;

  • Anonymous

    MINE <3

  • Kelly

    He has a girlfriend… she goes to my school :)

  • Anonymous

    okay seriously? hes not even that good, but iluuuvvvv LEE! hes so hott and differnt, and unique. etc, even casey looks better than tickle me tim.

  • island.B

    Go home Tim.!

  • Anonymous

    do I care about his personal life ?? NO
    do I like his voice ?? maybe
    is he cute ?? he’s adorable

  • TayBrii__?

    Okay, thanks for the notice, lol. (: But, he’s cool.

  • asmoothcriminal

    I hope he doesn’t get in the bottom three again tonight. I voted for him a lot last night.

  • Anonymous

    I love that he called it an exclusive like he’s all that or something lol he is really cute though :) I wouldn’t mind dating him!

  • Anonymous

    If I cared about his relationsip status, I would have asked. I didn’t ask.

  • Swift07

    He’s only 15 days older then me I vote for him every week :-) we should date ;-)

  • Anonymous

    oh timmy. i am pretty much in love with Lee but your ok too tim even though you and i both know you should have left idol a couple weeks ago. you seem like a cool dude none the less.

  • Charlotte-x-

    LOL, no wonder.

  • Anonymous

    Yay! omg i love him!!

  • Chococatx3

    i luvv aaron kelly <3, hope he gets far :)

  • Anonymous

    i totally voted my ass off for him

  • Anonymous

    Hey Tim If your reading this
    i love you and your going to prom with me kayy?

  • Anonymous

    He’s gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    he’s voice is so dreamy ngl.

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    I like him, but he’s not the best from the contestants.

  • Jkjkjk

    He’s sooo freakin hotttt!!!!! I luvvvv u Tim!!!!! Good thing he’s single….

  • Anonymous

    Tim J Urban, Marry Me??

  • mileyluver15


  • Anonymous

    Timmmmmm. i lovee youu<3
    i vote for him ALL the time.
    he’s a very sweet guy.
    beautiful voice as well

  • Anonymous

    geez haters get a fcking life. i just laughed my ass off reading all the comments, really? you dont care? then why bother opening the fcking page? lol. not a fan of his, but the haters make me laugh.

  • Martafdg

    If I said that he was ugly I would be lying, but still, American Idol is a singing competition, not a beauty contest and this guy doesn’t deserve to be there. He should have left a long time ago, because the wrong people are going home.. (I know it isn’t is fault that he’s still there, people are voting for him)

  • Anonymous

    He can’t sing

  • Jess

    He’s only 15 days older then me I vote for him every week :-) we should date ;-)

    What you’re saying is very irritating to me… sorry I don’t mean to be rude, really, but it sounds like you vote for him just cuz he’s cute. There r still a lot of ppl on AI who don’t really have good looks but what they’ve got is some genuine talent!!! To me, in this season, there r 2 incredibly shockingly wrong eliminations: Alex Lambert & Didi Benami (of course there r still many other contestants who shoulnd’t have been voted off). I’m not saying they got eliminated becuz of Tim, but if his fans only vote for him cuz of his look, then they should be ashamed of themselves. By doing that, they’re making it seem like Tim does not have talents & ppl only appreciate him for his good looks; & also, it’s becuz of fans like them that ppl who r actually good like Alex & Didi don’t have a chance to go further in the competition when in fact, they truly deserve it!!! So anyone who is a fan of Tim Urban, pls start listening to his performances, compare them to other contestants’ & ask yourselves if you’ve been wasting your votes all this time. And if you’re still gonna vote for him, plz give him some respect by considering his talent, not just his look.

  • Jenna

    omg he’s hot! I wish him the best <3 Love Tim!

  • Anonymous

    he should date Selena Gomez

  • Anonymous

    Wow…He doesnt have a gf? sikee…

  • swift07

    omg no way! that would just be werid lol

  • Mobaby


  • mia

    sorry, he needs to go.
    some of the people who got voted off of american idol deserves to stay more than he does.

  • Fiona

    I haven’t kept up with American Idol but i heard him sing twice and it
    wasn’t good. He should go home. Girls only vote for him because they think he is cute. no offense but i don’t think he is cute, just saying. Peace


    I loveeee LEEE!! I love him so much!! Tim please, for mysake, before i die. GO HOME.

    I love Adam Lambert! He is my idol ;)

  • Anonymous

    cool that you’re single, but noone cares.

  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    he is incredibly adorable…but not the best singer.

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Thats nice

  • 30secondstomarsforevr<3

    he’s hot, but not the best. Lee <33

  • Julianna


  • Danger-ous

    Not my type, but he’s adorable.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wow know one cares

  • Anonymous



  • Chococatx3

    nice (am i allowed to say that oceanup?!how was i spamming last time :| )

  • Paige

    hes cutee.
    but he really cant sing, haha

  • Insertnamehere

    Smart move Urban….smart move.

  • Anonymous

    Girls, he’s all yours…..

  • Anonymous

    He’s so good lookinggg :)

  • Anonymous

    he’s not that cute, and if he was playing at a restaurant i was eating in, i would probably leave. yes, haters gonna hate.