Disney Channel Nashville OPEN Audition


More info @ Disney.

  • Anonymous

    yep i’m goin. thats my dream

  • mizzjonas1234866

    Come To California Please! San Dieqo 0F Kourse(:

  • Dumm Blonnd

    It’s because a lot of Christians and Conservatives live in Georgia. They generally look for people who are more likely to keep the virgin image for as long as possible.

    And jsyk, Atlanta ,Nashville, and Dallass are big places for success in the industry.

  • Anonymous

    You people are taking this the completely wrong direction!!!! It is a NATIONWIDE CASTING CALL which means they go to every state in the U.S.A Besides Alaska, Hawaii and the Dominican Republic! So yes, you all have a chance at being Demi, Miley, or Selena!

  • Anonymous

    I live in one of those smaller counties and we don’t say stuff like that either.

    I can’t believe I missed this though. :(

  • Anonymous

    I’m from Nashville, and I find this offensive, actually, as well as the comment about “Gaylord”.

    Gaylord Opryland Hotel is the name of the hotel here. Besides, everybody pronounces it like “Gaylerd” instead of “Gay Lord”.

    Also, I haven’t met a Nashvill-ian YET that uses expressions like, “Sweet niblets!”, etc. …all of that is purely stereotypical of us.

    I can’t say the same for some of the smaller counties, though, as some of them do have their stereotypical ‘hicktowns’, if you will.

    We do use “ya’ll/y’all” and “ain’t”…but that’s the extent of it. We do eat fried chicken and sweet tea, but that isn’t our main diet.

    Nashville is a WHOLE LOT more civilized than a majority of the nation’s cities, seriously. Come here, go to the Frist and TPAC and see for “ya’lls selves”.

    End of rant.

  • Anonymous

    come to georgia! :)

  • jina

    man i hate where i live i live in lebanon the smallest country in the world , i wish they would do auditions here i could of knailed it ive been watching disney all my life i know i can do this ,is there anyone here that can help me !!

  • justinbieberlover0902

    damn it can they just have one in Virgina (but more like southwest va) i mean come on! i realy don’t want 2 have anything with disney but anything 2 get away from va it’s like i’ve been here my whole life (more like lived) tennesse is close but nashville is a little 2 far i realy think im 1 of the most boring lifed 11 yr old ever pease out

  • justinbieberlover0902

    more like peace out

  • Anonymous

    lol @ “or look like 10-18″

  • Anonymous

    gaylord opryland DUHH like the second bigest hotel in the world!!!!!

  • Mrs.bieber duhhh

    is it just me or … why does it say gaylord on that paper??????????????

  • Anonymous

    when did they say you could be like her lol

  • Hannahh

    Disney loves their Southerners.

  • Nina1234

    their theory is that a lot of people from big cities has a lot of chances, and texas, nashville and others, are the ones with littel chances
    or maybe is just that there’s a lot of this “the girl from texas that became into a star. MIRACLE!!” not so miracle anymore.
    half of celebrities are from texas.
    or maybe they think that there’s more than miley, selena taylor and stuff :)

    texas is the new black for them.
    it’s getting kinda boring to hear “i came from texas and i had no chance BECAUSE I LIVED IN TEXAS then i came to the big city and WOW” WE GOT IT.

  • Anonymous

    jemi said:

    hei i wonder tht disney opens the auditions in indonesia. i wish tht i can be a disney star! :)


    you live there?

  • Anonymous

    lol it makes me laugh how first oceanup posted one in texas and next it’s nashville. uh, ok, RECURRING THEME MUCH?

  • alison

    they needa come to chicago ! they don’t need more miley’s.

  • Anonymous

    You know they love the big cities but New York is huge!! They gotta come here, can’t you see it girl from Brooklyn makes it big I defiantly can so Disney come to New York!!!! I’ll be even better then Miley ;D

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    This is so unfair!
    I live in Belgium, Europe, and I’m a huge fan of Miley, JoBros, Demi and Selena. We never get chances over here. I wish I could do an audition for Disney. It’s like a big dream to me. Some people told me that I have talent, it’s my dream to become like the disney stars. DAMN

  • Anonymous

    If people are wondering why they are looking those places is because miley came from tn and alot of stars come from unknown towns and why they dont go to la or chicago or whatever is because you can go to auditions because they’re places from fame
    i wish i could go but happens i dont move till june sadly but hope to get an agent :)
    dont give up hope guys

  • Anonymous

    i wish disney go all around the world, looking for talents, not only in the USA, i mean there are way more places were ppl has even BETTER talents than miley and they never look for things like that.

  • Anonymous

    i wish disney go all around the world, looking for talents, not only in the USA, i mean there are way more places were ppl has even BETTER talents than miley and they never look for things like that.

  • Love you bitch.

    Yey I live in Nashville :]

  • Anonymous

    I want to go there!! But Nashville is really far from Mexico ): Is there any other way to get them to know about you?

  • LaLaLaLand

    haha it’s funny how they didnt say “WANT TO BE LIKE MILEY CYRUS”
    but in the txas one they said “YOU CAN BE THE NEXT DEMI AND SELENA” no one i repeat NO ONE can replace Miley Ray Cyrus

  • Emily

    I KNOW! i agree! they should come to chicago! i would LOVE to go but i cant go all the way down to tennesee and not plan that trip! if they come to chicago ill go! :D PLEASE COME TO CHICAGO!!!! :D

  • Molly Blue

    dont worry I liv in INDIA dat also in a small town, there R others lyk u!
    I’d luv to sing nd act on any disney series bt no one holds auditions here

  • Timber518

    WOO! I live really close to Nashville. But I’m not going. Lol! I’d really prefer to never do anything with Disney. Ever.

  • Anonymous

    im going to audition:)
    lol not there but there will be a few moree.
    on such a short notice, i cant fly alll the way to nashville…but my mom really wants me to go to the next onee…your looking at next mileyyy…jk:P hahaa wish me luck though.

  • NotLuckyAtAll

    i hate being a canadian stuck in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! like geez, i wanna go back to canada :/ get some acting lessons & singing lessons and move on to my dream career

  • Anonymous

    hey I live also in Belgium and I’m a big fan of Lucas Till it’s so unfair that all famous people don’t go to Belgium

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know if they will come to california?!?!?!?! i want to audition!!!!!

  • Your Mom Was Here

    They love the Texas and Nashville kids

  • Your Love is my Drug
  • Anni

    It is about a girl, her nickname is ” lol”, she has a boyfriend and best guyfriend(he is in a rockband).
    She smokes and drinks and has to go to the principal. Her boyfriend is an ass and she is lucky to have her bf. “lol” tries to be cool infront of her boyfriend and she even wants to sleep with her bf, because she told her boyfriend she did it before. But over all she has a great relationship with her mom ( parents) and her best friends.

  • AdoreSelena

    I should go audition! Hahaha, kidding :P
    I wonder who will be the next Disney Star/s when Selena, Miley, Demi and the Jonas Brothers are free from Disney? Hmm :)

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  • Chelsea-Rose

    Wonder if they’ll do open auditions in England?

  • Anonymous

    I hope they do audition in England :)

  • AdoreSelena

    I should go audition! Hahaha, kidding!
    But I wonder who will be the next Disney Stars when Selena, Miley, Demi and The Jonas Brothers are done from Disney? Hmm :)

  • jemi

    hei i wonder tht disney opens the auditions in indonesia. i wish tht i can be a disney star! :)

  • Dumm Blonnd


  • Anonymous

    HAHA it says gaylord on it… :)

  • Muranda

    I’m going, I’m so excited :)

  • Anonymous


  • CCG

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Philadelphia!!!
    this has always been my dream!