Courtney Love has reportedly lined up Robert Pattinson to play Kurt Cobain in a movie about his life. A source told The Sun: Courtney has agreed to the film on condition that she gets to decide the director, casting, screenplay and music.

Robert has been calling and emailing her non-stop. She has been a bit wound up by his manners, but he is her number one choice to play Kurt.’ Courtney wants Scarlett Johansson to play her in the film tentatively called ‘All Apologies’.

She is adamant Scarlett will play her. Scarlett is friendly with Frances Bean, her daughter with Kurt.’ ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ filmmaker David Fincher will direct the movie. The biopic is expected to be released in 2011.

  • Anonymous

    Joe Anderson should play Kurt. He looks exactly like him and he acts so well and can sing.

  • Anonymous

    i like robert and all……but he will RUIN THIS BIOPIC.

  • sweetdisposition???

    Heeeellllllllll Naaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww wtf is wrong with C.Love? Pattinson playing Kurt freaking Cobain? No way.

  • Anonymous

    what r u talking about? rob’s ugly and the worst actor i have ever seen

  • Anonymous

    NO FUCKING WAY?! I am def seeing that!!
    If only Joaquin Phoenix would make a biopic
    on his late brother River.

  • Anonymous

    Damn it.

  • Anonymous

    he looks nothing like kurt & cant sing. Kurt is 100000000x better then rob.

  • happy panda :p


    1. courtney love should not have creative control over anything involving nirvana, she doent even have custody of her and kurt’s daughter anymore. the woman is WACKED

    2. as much i adore robert pattinson, i just dont see him in this. Kurt was THE icon of a generation the role should not be taken so lightly

    3. it was a rumor and OU needs to “update” this post lol

  • icehoneybaby

    Who the hell is KURT????!

  • xCookieMuffin

    He looks like he wants some beer.

  • heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Oh my balls! You know River?! I got a tattoo of ‘River’ on the back of my neck. It makes me happy to hear another young person is familiar with him. RIP baby Rio.

  • Anonymous

    River is fucking amazing! Oh and R.Patz is a semi good actor, really depends on the role. To the person who listed that one of the reason why R.Patz can’t be Kurt because he’s british is an idiot. It’s called ACTING. I personally don’t see him playing this part. Joe Anderson does look the part. Kurt Cobain was awesome. You can tell it’s a rumor towards the end b/c Courtney and her daughter at the moment are estranged.

  • Anonymous


  • NileyisWin

    YUK ??

    i don’t understand what ppl think so hot about him ??

    i personally think PATTINSON is NOT !

  • Anonymous

    the rumor is false! Check;

    He would have nailed it though

  • hithere


  • rip rio

    River didn’t live a chaotic life. He did have his ups and downs (mostly downs) but he didn’t live a wild, troubled, rebellious rockstar life. Not much to make a movie out of.

  • Anonymous


  • GottaLoveUmm

    EW WTF NO.
    Joe Anderson should play Kurt Cobain, he looks just like him and not only that but HE CAN ACT.

  • hithere

    EW WTF NO.
    Joe Anderson should play Kurt Cobain, he looks just like him and not only that but HE CAN ACT
    and he can also sing.. you know?

  • TheDude

    Kurt would want a film about his life!
    But Courtney Love needs money! The trollop!
    In addition, Dave Grohl said, he does not want to be mentioned in a film about nirvana as long as Courtney Love is involved in it!

  • gottalovethis

    really!!??? doesnt he belong in the trash??

  • mama’kat(:

    i COMPLETELY agree with you.
    this movie will be a total fail,
    because we all know Rob from Twilight and such.
    Joe Anderson seems perrrfect!

    man fuck courtney love, i hate her.

  • hithere

    joe anderson ftw

  • MZ

    People are twitter-ing about this like crazy!! Nobody and I mean Nobody wants him to do this!!!


    Except Courtney Love. People shouldn’t judge him yet, see the movie and then judge it.

  • .

    Yes, joe anderson should Play Kurt.
    btw, i loveeee nirvana<3

  • Leena

    fuck no.

  • GottaLoveUmm

    Yes Yes and he can sing! I really hope someone throws that out to Courtney. She probably only wants Rob because he’s the-it thing right now. Nothing wrong with him as a person, he just doesn’t fit Kurt Cobain at all, imo.

  • Anonymous

    NOOOO!!!The one who should play Kurt Cubain is JOE ANDERSON, not only does he resemble Kurt but he has an nice voice.. maybe not exactly like Kurt’s but it can work! :)

  • What?

    Kurt Cobain was absolutely amazing.
    He is NOT british, is NOT a vampire (haha), and his band was considered one of the bands to turn rock music completely upside down. Nothing like Rob.

    OH, and to the chick up there that said Kurt would shoot himself if he heard this, please tell me your kidding.

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or is it true that rob look terrible.

  • Anonymous
  • Tammy

    I honestly love robert pattinson. He’s a great actor. However i think Joe Anderson would be the PERFECT Kurt Cobain. If Robert Pattison is chosen, I’m sure he’ll doing a great job. I’ve been waiting for the day a kurt cobain biopic movie to come out for years. Thankfully they are finally making one.

  • im so happy cuz today i found my friends – theyre in my head

    That’s what I thought! He looks like him, talks just like him, has that same scrunching of the eyebrows and the timing of response. BUT, Joe’s singing voice is way to soft and innocent. Kurt belts out and basically tears up his vocal cords (which I LOVE and think IS very talented) so I think that would be a challenge.

  • lovebuzz

    Nonono ‘-‘ Joe Anderson should play Kurt Cobain.
    I dont like this guy -.-

  • Anonymous

    i hate rob, hes ugly and looks like a bum

  • Anonymous

    Entertainment weekly and Courtney’s people said this is false! its just a rumor, thank god.

  • Kourtney

    NO ROB NO!!!

  • MZ


  • Anonymous

    Joe Anderson,Emile Hirsch Or Robert Pattinson AS KURT COBAIN.

  • Anonymous

    he will be great in this role
    if stupid zac efron played MY kurt, it would have been a ‘fail’

    all the teenies are saying fail xD
    its funny xD

    go nirvana <3
    and all apologies is the best title

    like the songs says…
    everyone is gay
    (dedicated to this site, only here to comment on this news)

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait to see the movie… nirvana was one of the best bands ever

  • Anonymous

    lolwtf it has major fail written all over it.

  • HatersSuckSUCKERSSS

    i dont know if i like this idea.. but his acting in ‘Remember Me’ was amazing..

  • *

    Joe Anderson,Emile Hirsch Or Robert Pattinson AS KURT COBAIN

  • Anonymous

    If this happens, it is well possible that I WILL shoot myself -.-

  • Anonymous

    too soon, bro, too soon

  • in bloom

    I was going to comment saying “why” over and over again, but I saw your comment while scrolling down and I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

    RIP Kurt <3 (My Mother’s B-day is when he passed and mine is when his body was found-not so easy to celebrate! ha ha)

  • Anonymous

    Robert Pattinson will not be playing in this movie as Kurt Cobain. This is a false rumor that has spread across the internet. I’ve received my information straight from

  • Anonymous

    i think he is perfect for the role… the role is to play kurt cobain so it cant be a baby face like zac efron doing the job

  • Anonymous

    People are twitter-ing about this like crazy!! Nobody and I mean Nobody wants him to do this!!! I read one tweet that said Him playing Kurt Cobain would be like Justin Beaver playing John Lennon! and a whole bunch of people saying that if Kurt Cobain found out he would kill himself!!! I don’t I thought he had a bigger fan base…but considering one went to his last movie I guess I’m wrong!

  • hithere


    (im not sure that he would be so good at kurt bu i really love both!)
    ooh my!! incredible

  • Anonymous

    No fuckin’ way is he playing him!
    man this movie better be legit. There’s nothing worse than a shitty biopic of Kurt Cobain, because he is ledgend. end of.

  • Anonymous

    É possivel que o Rob não faça mais. Ela disse que não seria mais ele,gostaria de ver um filme sobre o Kurt com o Rob.
    A atuação dele em REMEMBER ME foi impecável!

  • Hilary

    Are you fucking kidding me?? What the…what?
    NO. Just NOOO!