Selena Gomez Wizards Fashion Show Vid

  • xIbaX

    why are half the models wearing like exactly the same outfit? O.o

  • JonasLove199

    Selena looks soo pretty! :)
    Love the clothes

  • EmmaaCharlotte

    What was Alexandra Burke doing there?

  • dont jugde

    your ssssoooooo LATE!!

  • Nixienemi


  • i love miley smiley

    dont like the cloth

  • Anonymous

    well i think that I could find some clothing in town stick it together and it would be cheaper and nicer. The problem is that if they were like Alex’s clothing i mean exactly like it, I would buy it, the clothes in the vid are for like 6-10 yr olds when 11-16 yr olds probably watch it

  • Anonymous

    selena looks stunning” omg i love her new clothing line can’T wait! yaY

  • Anonymous

    selena is so amazing!!!

  • Anonymous

    cant wait for her own clothes lines!!!

  • Anonymous

    gosh who would wear that? O_O
    shut up loser!!! is a super cute kids outfit!!!

  • Paedonymic

    …OU is dead. D:

  • Anonymous

    selena europe are insanely crazy about you!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love my babe girl ;)

  • Anonymous

    Its so sweet this clothes are for girls like 5-12 and Selenas cloth that she is making Dream out laud is for girls how are older so I’m very exited

  • Anonymous

    awww so cute and sweetest kids outfits ever!!!

  • Anonymous

    the girl with the pink scarf is so pretty and adorable!!!

  • K.F.D.M.S lover


  • natalie

    gosh who would wear that? O_O

  • island.B

    why does OU keep signing me out :I
    yay i love WOWP <33

  • sweetdisposition???

    I like WOWP, and the kid clothes are cute.

  • LOL

    Alexander Burke was there! lol.who was that at 0:36 ? the clothes are OK. Selena looks gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Selena looks so sleepy!! :P

  • Anonymous

    selena is the most pretty

  • Anonymous

    definitely shes the best!!!! shes soo sweet, love her smile ;)

  • dakota

    shes sooo big here…. everybody loves her!!!

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  • chin

    shes so great

  • Anonymous

    selena is boring

  • Anonymous

    where would they sell them

  • Alterego

    Ohh soo..

  • Jaymee__x

    what the hell OU?! i’m not spamming!

  • Anonymous


  • heyitsBritaney

    she looks so pretty, but the clothes are okay..that’s probably why little girls are wearing them

  • Anonymous

    this is soo awesome!!!!

  • Anonymous

    selena is gorgeous!!!!