Jonnie & Brookie Justin Bieber MEDLEY

  • Anonymous

    OK 1st that was really good.
    2nd i love justin bieber.
    3rd jonas brothers are poop kevin jonas your wife is way to pretty for you. and joe jonas thank god you and talyor are over and nick stop with the miley than selena miley than selena k jbs. and i love you justin bieber!

  • Anonymous

    That hurt my ears…! I think you nneed singing lessonnss..

  • Anonymous

    What are the names of the 4 songs their playing?

  • rae

    I like the blonde was better
    I think her name is Brookie

  • jonas is love

    urvoices r normal nothing amazing @ life
    jonas jonas jonas <333

  • Anonymous

    the brunette was terrible

  • anonymousorhoweveryouspellit

    I just bought their new CD and it was amazing!

  • Monica

    The brown haired girl was annoying, she kept trying to sing louder than the blond girl. Definately like the blond girl wayyy better!

  • Anonymous

    I go to school with them!!!! i didnt know they were this famous!

  • Fiona

    Really great guitar playing. Felt like the guitar player was singing so load competing with the other girl. Perfered the blone’s voice.

  • Anonymous

    that was horrifying.

  • #1 joe jonas fan

    OMG ..

  • justinbeiber

    love the video, love Justin!!

  • Anonymous

    eww. they’re over rated.

  • Anonymous

    Love the songs and your hair!

  • Anonymous

    This video makes me happy!!

  • Dose it really matter?

    Why even bother posting this shit!!! There is way to many beaver posts!!! MORE JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Imogan

    Ouch. Not them, the Bieberness.

    I used to love them, but they’ve slowly disappeared after Radio Disney’s NBT.