Taylor Momsen KEY CLUB COOL

TayMom walking outside Key Club on Friday afternoon where she’s performing. When paparazzi asked about Gossip Girl, she said ‘It’s done dude.’ The Pretty Reckless was interviewed on DJ Rossstar in New York City on Thursday. Via Taylor-Momsen.Net. Video under!

  • laurageorgie

    well they’re done filming this season. and jenny is absent from the beginning of season 4 because taylor goes on tour.

    but taylor is still awesome

  • xoxodreaxoxo

    i lover her!! i saw her on the dj rosstar live chat and she was really sweet and even called some fans to talk to them.

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one who thinks that her bandmates look like creepers?!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    her band mates look 40 years older than her.

  • Anonymous

    She’s clashing with the gossip girl producers

  • becccaa?

    Blair is/was like funny, quirky bitchy and Jenny’s like just :| But, i always liked the Nate/Jenny thing, idk why.

  • Anonymous87577

    she was so good at the key club!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    what happened to Taylor and Chase?

  • Ed

    She rocked at Key Club. And she can sing which is pretty rare amongst teen actresses turn singers. She’s just done with this season’s filming. She’s being sent off to rehab or something in the show, so she won’t be filming as much. Josh Schwartz gave her time off so she can go and tour with Vans Warped Tour.

  • vanessaxox

    ah , i see… i was like NOOO i dont want the show to end. hmmm…i was actually starting to sorta like jenny- shes become like the new bitchy blair,but worse.

  • Fiona

    ew Taylor Momsen

  • Anonymous

    probably because she thinks its cramping her rockstar image
    we all know u were on the shallow show dear, dw

  • Anonymous

    such an hero!

  • Anonymous

    such an hero

  • Anonymous

    such an hero!

  • Anonymous

    it’s done because, in the gossip girl spin off series, Jenny gets sent to a boarding school called Waverly.

  • GotJONAS .

    I think she meant Gossip Girl was done filming for the season. They renewed the show for a fourth season, so that’s probably what she was saying.

  • Anonymous

    WHATTTTT ???? NO WAYY !! Jenny became FINALLY interesting !

  • -Kat-

    There we go

  • vanessa

    ew, she completely ruined herself, and what do you mean GOSSIP GIRL IS DONE? :o NOOOOOO. never!

  • peeka

    she says it’s done because in the next season jenny isn’t in until the end episodes due to creative differences. could also be for the spin off series but it’s not done yet. it may just be done for her.

  • sweetdisposition???

    It’s done, as in they wrote her off the show?

  • Imogan

    I hate her.
    Thank God she’s getting off of Gossip Girl.

    OH, and she REALLY can’t sing.