Tiffany Thornton ‘James Franco Is So Hot!’


Tiff Thornton chatted with Popstar! about her celebrity crush: ‘James Franco. Oh, he is so hot! He’s like the new James Dean, look at his face! I was watching Grease the other day and John Travolta was so cute in it.

There’s something about James Franco’s face that reminds me of John Travolta in Grease, like the way his eyes are always kind of sparkling at you. I can’t even talk about it anymore, it’s getting warm in here! He is so smart! He is attractive!’

  • sweetdisposition???

    James Franco is the sex:D

  • nikole13

    :O who’s the guy in your icon?

  • deirdreFTW_

    Aww she was amazing taste in men! he is hella fine ; )

  • Taylor

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeee him <33333
    his eyes DO sparkle. & his smile is soooo perfect :) hehe i love James Franco.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with her, she has good taste!
    She’s engaged isn’t she?

  • lurv

    I don’t get this…how he “the new James Dean”? Besides looking like him a tiny bit and playing him in a movie, he really doesn’t resemble him at all! So many actors nowadays are being compared to LEGENDS!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe she compared James Franco and John Travolta. Even in John’s (much) younger years, he was no James Franco. James is in a league all of his own.

  • Victoria_x



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I love Tiffany!
    She seems like such a fun & sweet person (:


  • emma13

    i agree with her. he is extremely hot.

  • Anonymous

    haha ‘it’s getting warm in here!’ Love her and him.

  • Chanells__Cool

    Hell to the yes:)

    James Franco is gorgeous <3

  • Anonymous

    shes right

  • Anonymous

    I looooovvvveeee Hiiiiimmmmmm. He’s so beautiful. <33 I can’t believe people overlook him and think nick jonas or someone is the hottest guy. Oh mannnn. He’s just wow. I’m in loveeee! Why is he so underrated? :(

  • Diana

    smart. funny. talented. he’s the James Dean reincarnated. *swoooooon*

  • Anonymous

    For more news, pics, videos, etc. about Mr. Franco go to and then head on over to for more. That young man is stunningly handsome!

  • mileyluver15

    Dessy said:

    I like Tiffany Thorton. She’s a great role model for girls and a Christian. =D

    i agree i love that shes a strong Christian shes amazing and i love her body shes not to skinny and shes not fat!! demi lovatos role model is her!

  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    amen tiffany…james franco is a sex-god ;)

  • madison,

    amen tiffany!

  • Music Zombie

    ooh,I bet her fiancee is going to freak when he reads that ;}

  • Anonymous

    Tiffany Thorton has good taste in men.

  • Dessy

    I like Tiffany Thorton. She’s a great role model for girls and a Christian. =D

  • Anonymous

    She is a christian?? :/ thats awesome! :D

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I love Tiffany :)

  • Anonymous

    i couldnt agree more! finally someone who has the same crush as me!! lol

  • Anonymous

    isn’t she engaged?

  • Lindsay

    I’ve always thought he was gorgeous. I agree. He is so hot. She definitely has good taste.