Very Happy 19th Birthday To AJ Michalka!


Amanda Joy Michalka turns 19 years old today [April 10, 2009].

  • Anonymous

    OMG I loveee her! She is my idol and insperation! Like yesterday i was going with my mom to Starbuck’s and I saw a crowd. It was AJ! I went up to her and asked for her autograph. I couldnt get a picture a pic tho :( That girl is honestly model-like. And i like SOOO much more than ALY. I find her prettier and like honestly just BETTER. xx

  • Fiona

    Happy Birthday and like the dress she is wearing. Love the highlights to her hair.

  • RACH


  • emma13

    happy birthday aly :)
    i love aly and aj. there music is pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    well happy birthday to her
    but aly and aj are so flop.
    they haven’t made a song since “potential break up song”
    and that was in 2007.
    LMAO. :/

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday AJ!
    I love her she’s my role model and inspiration. and whoever said no one cares about her only aly uhmmm she was just in the lovely bones and that was huge so go suck your own jealous dick!!

  • <3

    Happy Birthday AJ!
    She’s my role model and inspiration.
    and FYI she was just in the lovely bones and that was huge so go suck your own jealous dick :P

  • Anonymous

    nothing released since PBS my foot…Like Whoa was released as a single in 2008 and The Next Worst Thing was released in August 2009.

  • What?

    i could have sworn there were pictures from her 21 birthday like a week or 2 ago. am i wrong?

    apparently if there were some, they were wrong.

  • RockYourBody

    I always thought she was Aly.

  • Matt

    Happy Birthday AJ!

  • Anonymousssssss

    Her sister Aly turned 21 on March 25th. Maybe you’re thinking of that.

  • Nixienemi

    I love her!

  • Nixienemi

    Not that flattering of picture but she’s awesome!

  • Anonymous

    i saw her and her mom earlier this week at the macys in topanga mall omg let me just say this gurl is freaking drop dead gorgeous in person !!like soo sweet and very pretty soo totally model like

  • abmwqpgy

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  • What?

    You guys were right, I looked at the Archives and it was Aly. Whoops! My bad sorry! lol.

  • Anonymous

    where did she get her dress?? ANYONE KNOW?

  • superJOEman

    She’s 16 days older than me!!! yayy!!

  • Anonymous

    thats funny i thought it was April 10,2010…guess i was wrong

  • sweetdisposition???

    Aly & AJ write really great songs…they need to put an album asap! Btw happy b-day AJ:D

  • Anonymous

    where did she get that dress!

  • Anonymous

    The dress is pretty, but she looks horrible.

  • idkMyBFFjill

    I always liked her better…

  • Anonymous

    what happened to her face?
    not trying to be mean, but she looks really old and bleh.

    otherwise, happy birthday.

  • RACH


  • Anonymous

    she’s only 19?

  • EmmaaCharlotte

    Happy Birthday :) It’s mine in a week.

  • Anonymoussssss

    You have the same birthday as my brother :)
    He’s turning 21 in 7 days.

  • leLIVREinterdit

    i didn’t know she was just 19. happy birthday anyways.

  • giiiiiii

    same, i thought she was way older, for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Drag Queen turns 19 News?

  • Anonymous

    its my birthdayy today too :)

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday!

  • HeatherJBxoxo

    Could have picked a better picture.
    Happy Birthday AJ!

  • SongOfTheStars

    I swear like she doesn’t even matter anymore, just like her older sister.

    where is this music they keep promising, as well? They are like z-listers now. No use for a comeback, unless they do a T. Swift and write another hate song to Joe Jonas’ list, lol.