Demi ME MYSELF & TIME Acoustic Cover

  • Fiona

    really good

  • Luana

    Ah, Laura, you are amazing. I can’t wait to see you get a record deal and smash up the music world!

  • Anonymous

    her nose is freakin distracting

  • Anonymous

    Woah. She’s amazing :)

  • jonasbrothersfan

    i didn’t really like it that much. :/

  • nadonia

    wow you’re awesome and so cute from you to try to get it on ocean up it seems you have amazing friends and amazing voice too =)

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Is it bad if I say, I prefer this to Demi’s version? It’s more soft. More my style :)

  • Anonymous

    i like this version more than the original

  • Laura

    Wow, I never thought that I could say “im on oceanup ;) ” ahaha so awesome <3

  • Anonymous21


  • Anonymous

    she sounds great! cool cover!

  • Anonrgdfsgymous

    wayy better than the original
    sry but demi’s voice in that song is so nasal-y and bubble gum pop i cant stand it
    this has mre of a lax vide with the acoustic
    definatelt better (:

  • wow

    I didn’t listen to the song but COME ON!

    It hasn’t even been out for long and already a cover?!

    What ever happened to the one year or dead rule for covering songs? I hate how songs get covered so fast. Make your own music.

  • Hangover

    I don’t like this song but she has a really nice voice:)

  • vicky

    wow, thats great!! (:

  • Beth2k9

    she does really amazing covers and makes them her own (: unique voice.

  • Anonymous

    Great voice! :)

  • oceanUP Twitter Operator

    Amazing! Im super happy for her because she’s been trying so hard to get her cover on our site :] Glad all her fans sent it in! Good Job Laura Zocca! ;]

  • bhkprince

    Some people r in a bad mood! Want a cookie?