• Melinda
  • Mareike

    this content is currently unavailable

    creepy voice btw xD

  • Anonymous

    Nope. OU hate nelena. They be niley fans. “/

  • Hilary


    Oh, please. Liam is a beautiful young man.
    Shut your trap.

  • Joana

    I´m sorry but that is my opinion!(no ofense)

  • Joana

    and miley is very young to marry

  • Anonymous

    fuck you oceanup , nelena fans , miam hateres?
    oh -.-
    i don’t believe in this.

  • Anonymous

    don’t belive so.. she is working on her actress project now, and she is too young, common, just post up right and beliveble things.. –‘

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    Okay… Miley Cyrus + Marriage + OK Magazine = HUH?

    Come on OceanUp, we all know she’s too young to even think about it and she is rushing things if she was anyways.

  • averi

    She’s 17 and she wants to marrie him at age 18. OMG!!!!! She gonna want to dup him. Shes gonna be 18. 18 year old change there mind alot. she a supid bitch

  • Anonymous

    i know it’s a rumor but i wouldn’t be surprised if it came true knowing miley… she always moving fast and she’s already bought that big house

  • Sarahb

    We can´t be the judge of that! What if she does want to marry at 18?

    If Miley does, doesn´t Liam..I don´t know…have a saying in this?? Anyway, either Miley likes to get attention or it´s the media that will get every single comment out of her and turn it around….

  • xJulez

    unavailabe? :/

  • SJG97

    Okay if this is true(Which I really don’t think it is.),it’s not Miley i’m worried about being ready for marrige it’s Liam.I mean he’s only like what 19?That’s not old enough to be ready for marriage in male years.Yeah the first few years will be good,might even have a kid or two.Then Liam will get bored and realize he didn’t have enough time to be a stupid teenager/young adult and play the field alittle more,and we’ll have another Jesse James or Tiger Woods on our hands.

  • alltherightmoves.

    I think we all know that Miley loves Liam deeply and thinks he is her soulmate and such, but it just isn’t the right time to be considering marriage.
    Maybe in the near future, but atm it’s too early on.

  • Anonymous

    i dont know what to say…

  • Anonymous

    this content is currently unavailable. OU this is old news, get your facts straight. Miley is way to young to be a wife!

  • Hilary

    Again? Are you serious?
    Slow news day Oceanup?


    What’s it for us to decide? Oh that’s right, it’s not.

  • whoaaxitsxbre

    I’m not too sure if I should believe this…

  • Nobody Does It Better xx


  • Anonymous

    Complete BS. Media outlets have picked Miley to be the next Britney or Lindsey, so they are making up as much news as possible to make her look unstable, train-wreck-y, etc. 95% of stuff published is fake. What’s true is, Miley is almost 18, and most 18 year olds move out of mom and dad’s house. The difference is Miley can afford an actual house of her own instead of an apartment with friends. AND, her house is around the block from her parents. “ZOMG an almost 18 year old starting to think about life as an adult!” Not so scandalous after all, huh?

  • Joana


  • mhmm .

    No she sure as hell isn’t!

  • blabla

    wtf? posting this over and over again doesn’t make them get marry

  • LucyWhite

    This content is currently unavailable.

  • Angeliz

    I totally support her….if she wants top get marry ..she can go ahead..shes knows wat shes doing and shes mature enough…This is Life people …. !!!!

    I lov them ..and i think they were made for each other….he’s good for her !!!!

  • Angeliz

    I totally support her….if she wants top get marry ..she can go ahead..shes knows wat shes doing and shes mature enough…This is Life people …. !!!!

    I lov them ..and i think they were made for each other….he’s good for her !!!!

  • Angeliz

    I totally support her….if she wants top get marry ..she can go ahead..shes knows wat shes doing and shes mature enough…This is Life people …. !!!!

    I lov them ..and i think they were made for each other….he’s good for her !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well it’s too soon for her to settle down this year, but Miley always known for moving in the fast lane, so who knows? It could happened.

  • TheGiiirlSammy

    I don’t believe this at all
    1)Miley already has other movies practically lining up for her to be in it
    2)Liam is just starting to blossom <–lol and if he gets married thts gonna get ruined
    3)OK mag is BULL

  • sunShine

    just because she in a long term relationship and she is 18 and moving out doesnt mean shes gonna go and get married!!! she is way too smart to throw her life away like that!!

  • .Dreamer.

    If it is true, CONGRATZ MILES!

    but i highly doubt she will get married at 18

  • JonasJBelieber

    NUmber one: LIAM IS UGLY!!!!!
    Number two: MILEY NOOO!!!!!
    number three: this has got to be rumor!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nobody at 18 knows who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. That is still naive puppylove teenage brain talking, the hormones of teenage lust tricking the mind into thinking its true love when its not…
    It should be illegal to get married before age 25. People are still just too immature psychologically and emotionally. Better to wait then rush into a young marriage and be divorced within a couple years.

  • Leah

    A reaaaaally creepy voice tells me: “This content is currently unavailable.”


  • Anonymous

    umm no i bet u they made this up and like twisted her words or somethingg cuzz shes kindaa youngg and i think mileys smart enuff to knoo that shes too youngg and its too early for stuff like this and if she really wants to get married she should wait a whilee cuzz her career is doing rlly good and she wouldnt want a marriage weighing her down butt i love miley and i support her either wayy cuz liams HOT :D lmaooo

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOOOOO liam is an ass hes ugly xD

  • Anonymous

    are you effin’ kidding me?????? liam is really cute, so eff off!:D

  • .

    shes moving a bit to fast. But who am i to judge.

  • Anonymous

    Why post this agai, they are just citing OK Magazine. And Ok Mag was lying:

    We already had this. And the video is not working.

  • Anonymous

    aha 3rd :p

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yippie :p

  • Anonymous


  • Megan <3s Miley

    haha yeaa okk suree. miley does love liam, but shes obviously not getting married when shes 18 :P gosshh. and stupid people actually believe this. if you are a fan of miley or know anything about her, she would never do something like that. ok?

  • Kace

    They should get their facts straight. Her mother’s wedding dress? Don’t think so. If you read back when Billy Ray and Tish got married, the newspapers said she wore a ‘black catsuit’, she was also pregnant with Braison. Billy Ray’s mother RuthAnn held Miley in her arms as they got married in the living room of the house they were living in at the time in Franklin, Tennessee. So whether Miley is thinking of marriage or not, I doubt she’ll be wearing the black catsuit (whatever that was) at her own wedding.

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