Justin Bieber Shielded By Glass In Sydney


Justin Bieber will now be protected from his fans behind a glass shield for his performance on Channel 7’s Sunrise program, which has been relocated to Martin Place on Monday, April 26, from 7 AM, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Justin will play his hit single Baby in a special acoustic performance. He will then make his way from the Sunrise studio to the Channel 7 store in Martin Place and sign copies of his new album My Worlds – Australian Edition. The album is released on April 23 to coincide with his first visit to Australia.

Justin would like Megan Fox in his new music video. Clip under!

  • Anonymous

    dont b a hater he is just haveing fun cuz he can!!!!!!! so come down from ur little cloud to reality thx u…!!!!!!!! justin bieber rules !!!!! love love love him

  • Anonymous

    yo dis is funny …. i was crackiin ^ but justin is a lil al some u kant front !!

  • Anonymous

    justin tweeted that he’s not really gonna put a class shield up, ahah, dont believe what some website wrote kid.

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t his choice to go behind the glass shield. He doesn’t want to,and he has stated that before.

  • Anonymous

    he said on his twitter he wasn’t going to use one!!!! so now you just look stupid and i am laughing at you. justin bieber is awsome and if you dont see it, dont read about him on the internet!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow, okay. well, let me just start off by saying that this is one huge rummor. and justin clearly said that it’s not true and he wants to interact with his fans. and number two, even if it was true, it wouldnt of been his choice.

  • Natasha

    people like you that say stuff about people and things when they dont know anything about tit shouoold shut your mouths, like yeah he likes michael jackson but he is also going to make hes own choices. So just stop hateing on him all he has done is liveing his dream, so stop saying stuff when you know nothing about it, and like i am pretty sure he is that one that doesnt want to be be shielded by glass , he see it as his fans are why he is where he is and so he should spend time with them, hes just giveing back

  • Anonymous

    wow! maybe u should get on that cloud because so far that cloud is taking him to great placs and its not taking U anywhere…yeaaaa…so stfu

  • Anonymous

    Justin DOESN’T wantS this!!
    He said it by himself -.-

  • Anonymous

    if you were paying attention dylan you would’ve seen that justin said he did not want the box…. quit being jelous and go on with your life

  • lmao

    yo shut up he is right emma you are just one of thoes creepy stalkers who no all his songs have all his posters ok justin beiber thinks he the nexxt mj ok but he is not reality check he some weird kid from canada


    Ok so u just don’t even know this kidd and he JUST tweeted that he would nvr do that cause Justin loves his fans and he will tell u that STRAIT up!!!he does everything he can to connect with his fans and 2 us beliebers he’s stil the same normal Justin(: sooo backk off cause ur just jelouse!! Thank u and have a gr8 day haterrr!(:

  • Dylan

    This kid is seriously getting on my nerves; He was fine at first, but glass to shield from his obsessive, crazed bopper fans? Get real Justin Bieber. You’re not the next Michael Jackson. Get off the cloud you’re living on, and come down to reality; Thank you

  • mhmm .

    Haha justin tweeted the link to this like what, 12 hours ago? come on OU

  • Natalia

    Umm yeah, and i think JUstin is totally adorble and really CUTE! It WASN’T JUSTIN IDEA AND IM A FRIEND OF HIS FROM SCHOOL!

  • emma13

    This kid is seriously getting on my nerves; He was fine at first, but glass to shield from his obsessive, crazed bopper fans? Get real Justin Bieber. You’re not the next Michael Jackson. Get off the cloud you’re living on, and come down to reality; Thank you
    first of all it wasnt justins idea. it was his management or whatever idk.

  • _herecomestrouble.


    and yeah, glass is for losers.

  • Anonymous

    he just tweeted & said he isnt doing that. stop posting shit ocean up

  • Sophiee

    Megan fox? really??

  • Anonymous

    Justin tweeted this!!!
    Love you Justin!!!
    Make me yours hahaha

  • Lucieee Bieber <3

    Bloody Oath.

  • Anonymous

    He just said on his twitter that this is fake,.

  • emma13

    megan fox? really justin. i doubt that hes gonna be able to get her. but i can understand why he would want to have her on his next music vid. i mean she is hot. no homo.

  • weirdo


  • Anonymous

    he didnt choose to be behind glass!!! he HAS to do that he doesnt like the idea so get ur facts straight!!

  • Anonymous

    thats so idiotic

  • Brant

    justinbieber “NOT goin behind a glass shield. That is lame. gonna b with my fans – http://bit.ly/8ZaB1r

  • Alliiiison

    I see why Justin’s using the glass shield. He doesn’t want to get hurt. So fuck off haters. Jeez. -_________- Seriously. Just shut the fuck up & Get a damn life. KayThnxzBaaaiii.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t even know the kid, maybe you should check out his twitter.

    “NOT goin behind a glass shield. That is lame. gonna b with my fans – http://bit.ly/8ZaB1r

  • Devin<3

    hahah yeah budddyyyyy <3 i love you justin (:

  • Anonymous

    Good Luck Sweetie!

  • Mary

    Justin doesn’t want to perform behind the glass. It wasn’t his idea, it’s like the people in Australia or someone else, not Justin. He says on his twitter that it’s lame and he doesn’t want the glass in between him and his fans.
    Get your facts straight.

  • Anonymous

    before u condemn him remember he is 16 and he doesn’t make the security decisions. but he has stated on his twitter that he will NOT be behind a glass shield. he has refused his label’s request! so calm down!
    ps. not really a fan – just don’t like it when ppl accuse others of something before getting their facts straight! :P

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it would have been his idea to be behind the glass. He loves his fans and is way involved with them. These girls are going crazy. They act jealous of his other fans. I adore him and I’m a grown woman with a child of my own. Keep up the good work Justin!

  • Anonymous

    te amo justin drew bieber <3 catheryne aqui !

  • jasmine

    hey justin i love u baby u are my idoll
    i love uu
    plis watch my video and comments http://www.youtube.com/vanesyamin
    love u

  • Anonymous

    he says he is going to be with his fans “i’m not a fish”

  • ILoveKevinJonas

    Actually person I don’t know, I live on a cloud, and I’m going to put a Moon Bounce on my friends Drew’s dead pony. I would rather not be quiet, and it’s fun weirdin’ “Normies” out, so saying that your “GOD” is on a cloud is not the greatest thing. (OMJ IS HE DOING DRUGS?!) Not cool dude, not cool. P.S. OMJ is Ohmyjonas. (; Just clarifying that to you.

  • Katie13

    Justin Bieber has been on this site!!!!

  • Anonymous

    its nott hiss choicee. he thinkss ittss stupid andd he doesnt wantt to be in a ‘fish bowl’ hee wanttss to be ablee to touch hiss fanss. thatss whatt hes tweetedd.itss for hiss ownn safteyy. butt i agree withh himm. i love himm. and he is an amazing singer.

  • Kary

    um Justin isn’t asking for that stupid glass shield. If you knew anything you would know that he’s refusing to have it. Australia is the one who is trying to MAKE him use the shield. He doesn’t want it.

  • Sweetdisposition?

    This vicious velvet ain’t enough…

  • Anonymous

    oh please. Hes got a better life than u so quit hating everyone knows ur jealous

  • Amanda

    It was not Justin’s choice to perform behind glass. If you look at his twitter you’ll see that he says its lame and hes not doing it.

  • kbuterrr

    /\ you shouldn’t hate on justin, he really cares about his fans and he said this on twitter: NOT going behind a glass shield. That is lame. Gonna b with my fans. So, yeahh.

  • Anonymous

    justin i think you could do better. but no matter what love ya <3<3<3<3<3

  • @BieberTeamBR


  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich


    And behind glass? That sucks… glad I’m not going

  • Michele

    Are you retarded?! Justin doesn’t want the shield! People are making him have it. Wow get your facts straight.

  • Anonymous

    k well on his twitter he tweets how its just crazy and lame and that hes gonna be by his fans sooo you should probally get all the facts before you freak out and post shit kaythanks:)

  • rachel

    dude! r u stupid or somethin?! so its stalking if u no all his song adn have posters of him in our room?! GET A LIFE!! so its stalkin iff we did the same with M.J?! i dont even think u no the definition 4 stalkin!!! ur so retarded!! ugh! i didnt no that there r people that stupid like u!!

  • Anonymous

    yeah, he just said that the glass thing was lame and not true on twitter. gosh, don’t believe these stupid gossip websites!

  • Anonymous

    heey, he didnt want to be shielded by glass.. he even tweeted he was pissed about it.


    wow. u people have nothing better to do, than to sit here an hate on JB because why? serously, what did he ever do to you? if you dont like him, than ignore him. just like he ignores all you haters. at least try to be the better person here???

  • lil_anna15

    I JUST KNOW that finally justin makes the right choise about that little issue… i love that kid and he DONT goona be behind shielded! he loves his fans and they love him. i mean, i love him. and all the others fans.

  • Timber518

    Lol! OceanUP. You fail. Again.

  • rr

    Why is it that he has a carrer when he is so arrogant and such a jerk with a big ego.

  • iluvjb!#1fan!

    jb i luv you for who u are and keep bein justin………..and for the haterz..STFU let him be him u wouldn’t want somebody to judge u so be quiet and live your life and justin do u! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    justin no es nigun creido!!
    estupidos es el mjr de tdos y si es el proximo michel jakson que??
    justin you are the best i love you always!
    evaryday the mi life!!!!
    sos el mjr te re amomoooo
    con my friend i love you…!!!
    always veni a latinoamerica!!!
    a argentina!!!
    y contsta mis twitterªªª
    you fans incondicional!!!

  • Dylan

    Correction: I saw his Chelsey Lately interview, and he came across as cocky to me. When I read that he was going to perform behind Glass, I just thought maybe he his ego was getting too big for his status. I shouldn’t have automatically assumed anything, and I apologize to his “fans”. I’m no where near a hater, and I don’t appreciate being called one. I do like his song Baby though. Along with a few others. Lets just say I don’t have Bieber fever, but he is an okay kid.

  • Anonymous

    This dude makes me sick. He thinks he is God or something. I can’t wait till someone new comes along so he can be in the past. I hope to goodness he don’t tour with jonas brothers. He will make them look bad.

  • icehoneybaby

    1. heard this on the radio today in NZ :)
    2. SHAME~~
    3. excited that he’s coming to the country NZ soon. hopefully this won’t happen lol
    4. it’s a shame that fans do that… ;L
    5. he looks like he’s wearing eyeshadow but we’ll ignore that.


  • Anonymous

    JUSTIN wooooooow ………………….. Sie lächeln ist so süß;) love u

  • Jonas_Lovato_Lover

    goh i hate him, i live an hour from sydney, the girls in my class are gunna go bonkers, jeez cant stand fetus…

  • Anonymous

    I dont understand why people thinks he’s cocky This kid is not cocky He’s about the only Famous person that follows retweets and dm,s his fans so how would that make him cocky!Theres nothing anyone can say bad about this kid He’s got the looks and the voice!

  • Ms.BieberDa1st

    HI JUSTIN I LOVE U!!!! I love u so much and really like u.Would u marry me?

  • Anonymous

    sooo true he does have the looks and the voice! heck, he could be a model!

  • Anonymous

    Really, Really, Really can’t stand this smug little wanna be. He reminds me of a little Kanye West, just a little too full of himself. I love how he tries so hard to act all ganster.

    I checked out his interviews and performances over the past week to see what the hype was all about. Not impressed.

  • Jenna

    Lol, his performance got moved from Westpoint, Blacktown to Sunrise because majority of people from around this area were saying that they were gonna cause shit at his performance ahaha.

  • Bieberluva12

    Calling him a fetus won’t solve anything

  • Anonymous

    i love him i wish he could follow me:)

  • Anonymous

    justn bieber i love you like sooooooooooooo
    much well mainly more than anyone.you r my idol.i have all of your magazinez and posters 2.My friends just love it when i talk about you 24/7!!!!!!!!!!love and peace 2 u justin bieber keep living your dream……p.s. i love you!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    the guy kinda interruts him

  • justin in brazil

    justinn come to brazil pleasee!!!!I and the Brazilian fans are always waiting for you.is so complicated??? i love you very,very,very much JUSTIN BIEBER!! thank his grandmother for having Botado his mother in the world, for without it there would be no son more beautiful, talented and perfect for everyone who is you JUSTIN

  • miranda

    Hey justin bieber i love you so much well more than that.ok all of these people thats talkin about you yall should back off.Yall should him a chance.plus all of yall thats talkin smack is probably young and not like 15 or 16 like me.Justin bieber just keep on living your dream.

    p.s. i love you justin bieber
    iii lllooovvveee yyyooouuu jjjuuussstttiiinnn

  • Fiona

    does anyone think that was a crappy reportor? He asked the same question over and over again but like in a different way. He basically only had like 3 questions, just saying. Peace

  • rachel/#1JustinBfan

    wtf?! how is it that we’re stalkers cuz we no all of his lyrics 2 all of his songs, and have his posters in our room?! oh, so its stalkin if u do the same with M.J?! i dont even think u guys no the definition 4 stalkers!! we luv justin’s cuz hes a great singer and so sweet! now i respect u guys opinions on him cuz not all of us like him! i get it! i dont like taylor lautner but im not gonna make people stp liking him! but when u diss justin like crazy, thats when us beliebers will start gettin mad! cuz no 1 messes with us beliebers or justin! plz keep ur negative comments 2 urself! and dont waste ur time tryin 2 diss justin! u no its not gonna make us stp likin justin, so wats the point?! justin’s a great singer! even the people mag said that hes the world’s BIGGEST pop star and the hottest 16 year-old on the planet!! he has SO MANY fans that support and luv him just like the way he luvs and support us! hes NOT goin down! his 4 hit songs r already on the Billboard Chart! thats never happened but it did cuz of justin!! keep doin wat ur doin justin! we luv u so much! <3
    -lots of luv from us beliebers
    p.s. dont say that megan fox isnt pretty! shes really pretty and nice! and in a NON perverted way! i think megan should b in one of his music vids! luv ya justin! :)

  • justin in brazil

    placed instead of Botado: D

  • Jacqui :)

    Yeah, and we want him to come back to Australia? He wont want to if he has to always play in a ‘fish bowl’ as he calls it. I think its total crap!

  • Monique

    haha Megan Fox…haha well, its typical for any guy to want to meet Megan Fox i havent met/known any guy not wanting to hahaha and y behind a glass…? Bieber not allowed to interact with australian fans just cuz they relocated? not like theyre gonna kill him just cuz he relocated…haha il justin bieber!

  • SelenaxKelsey

    Guess who has the #1 album again this week?!

  • Anonymous

    LIE he said it on twitter a few hours ago, its just a rumor!

    NOT goin behind a glass shield. That is lame. gonna b with my fans – http://bit.ly/8ZaB1r

    about 5 hours ago via web

  • Mareike

    can’t help but to laugh so…

  • sahra

    To be honest I think that it is ridiculous to shield Justin Bieber from his friends, as though they pose some sort of threat to him when in actual fact he loves their presence which he ultimately uses in order to make his performance all the more riveting. To sum up I am glad I am not in Australia so i look forward to the future interacting (forgive the gayness haa,) with him if he ever comes to London.

  • Chelseaaaa

    Justin’s Got Megan Good, Kim Kardashian, & Beyonce haha
    We’ve Established Justin is An Ass Guy haahaa!

  • musiciseverything

    Good to know that Bieber reads OU. Hi Justin =]

  • Anonymous

    whose maggie good?

  • xxEmilyBearxx

    Haha he tweeted that he’s not doing that soo yeah. Love him<3(:

  • emma13

    Justin Bieber has been on this site!!!!
    actually this article was posted before ou posted it. so i dont think he does.

  • Sweetdisposition?

    The Cab – high hopes in velvet ropes, is my joint right now. I love it so much:D

  • musiciseverything

    actually this article was posted before ou posted it. so i dont think he does.

    No he does. He posted the link on his Twitter.

  • emma13

    actually this article was posted before ou posted it. so i dont think he does.

    No he does. He posted the link on his Twitter.
    wait never mind. i was looking at his first tweet that said he doesnt want to be shielded. that was posted by another website.

  • Timber518

    So Justin goes on OceanUP. Makes me a little nervous about what I post now. Lol! Just kidding. XP

  • Anonymous

    if you cant get megan fox, why dont you just settle for me ;)

  • Anonymous

    idiot “dylan” he didnt want the glass to be there and still doesn’t want it, the ppl from the place are the ones that want to do that -_-

  • Anonymous

    soooooooo true they are retards! they are just jeleous he can sing and they cant!you are sooooooooo right!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand Disney either but it was rude for him to say that the hip hop community likes him because he didn’t sign with Disney. It makes it seem like he thinks he’s better than Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, and what not. I really hope he doesn’t act like an asswhole on a daily bases. So annoying.

  • Jasminee.

    Justin youu are amazing(:

    Haters.. why comment? Youur only gonna get hated back(:
    Plus he says hes not gonna have a glass shield ( on twitter ). :)

  • Anonymous

    fuck you justin!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He scared of his fans WTF

  • Anonymous

    Love u babe and good luck with Meagan Good

  • Timber518

    Wonderful. So now a crap load of Anonymous’ are on here. -.-

  • tiffani

    wow some of the ppl here r some real haters gosh ppl let it go if he wants to get megan fox on his nxt video he can….says u ppl…gosh bunch of retards.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand Disney either but it was rude for him to say that the hip hop community likes him because he didn’t sign with Disney. It makes it seem like he thinks he’s better than Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, and what not. I really hope he doesn’t act like an asswhole on a daily bases. So annoying.

  • BrownEyedJustinBiebergurl

    UHH justin didn’t mention megan fox but he said it would be awesome and probably not possible get ur facts straight Oceanup!!! I still l.o.v.e this websit…i guess I love you justin<<<<<

  • amazinglyJB

    I luvv u justin i will always make u a trending topic!!!

  • Timber518

    Oh, how freaking amazing. Now a bunch of teenies are on here. My guess is because Justin tweeted the link? Cause there’s usually not this many on. -.-

  • Anonymous

    I luv him :D

  • xJulez

    poor little bieber .

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t justin’s decision to perform in the studio, it was his management and security teams doing what they thought was best for his safety. Sunrise is trying to get him to perform outside because that’s what the fans want so maybe you should stop assuming things…

  • Anonymous

    justin beiber is a little faggot thinks he some type of player with his hat hell he only got girls tht r 10 or 50 like chelsey latley!!!! and the girls his age who lieks him like they are stalkers justin beiber is a 16 year old boy who looks and sounds like a 10 year old girl with strep throat!!!! thts all i half to say:) come to my youtube if you have anything to say :) lmaogriffin

  • LaurenBaxter

    He’s such a diva

  • Anonymous


  • Alanna

    Finally… Someone who agrees with me!!!

  • SwagLikeJUSTINBiebs<3

    Ohhh y don’t u shut the hell up HATERRRR!!! U just aint got nothin better to do than hate on JB!!! And thank u very much but I aint 10 or 50 I’m 14 so stoppp hatinnn!!! Thanx have a gr8 day haterr!!(:

  • Trey


  • Charlie Beadles

    This is funny!!
    I feel sorry for Australia because “my worlds” is relesed on the 23rd of April!! >_< Awww

  • ilovejustinbieber.

    like he said he doesn’t wanna feel in a fishbowl.
    awh. poor baby. :(.
    & poor fans.

  • OMFG<3

    NEEVER GON HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU JUSTINN<33

  • vivy

    i love you justin bieber

  • vivy

    eu gosto muito de vc justin nao so por causa da sua musica mais tb pela sua simpatia

  • jbfan! I LOVE YOU

    justin is amazing! and the haterz out there….leave him alone let him be justin i love him just for being him u wouldn’t want anybody to judge u so shut up and live ur life and to justin….do u and keep it up! btw i wish you’d see this because i really want you to follow me on twitter username:delawarebethere I LOVE U!

  • xoxokatie8

    only you shawtyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  • Anonymous

    uh huh… yea.. im not the biggest justin bieber fan but i can tell u i like his music… we are the same age and im NOT A STALKER. apparently he put this link on his twitter.. i know he loves his fans so i highly doubt he would put up a glass wall.. even if he did.. it wouldnt be his fault.. duh!! u people are dum and judgemental and need to get your facts straight. And to the girl whose like “gosh the world judges australia so quickly” … stfu. IT ISNT ABOUT AUSTRAILIA OR U. THANKS AND GOODNIGHT.. ANGIE B

  • Anonymous

    he wont care how pretty you are as long as your nice and have a good smile but mostly nice, comn not everyone is perfect it is what is inside you that matters, girls think they’re hot but they are mean people who he would not date! i dont think i am that pretty either but its whats in side you.

  • Maggiiee :) x

    i love you justin, your soo hot, and if you need a girl for your video i’de be happy to step in!! HAAHA no im not prittey enough :/ pleaseee cheak out my twitter justin and follow iluu xx

  • Anonymous

    seriously? glass?… that will shatter in like 4 seconds after he comes out. his little tweeny pathetic fans wont be able to hold back. and on the plus side when that happens… i’d love to see him get cut.

  • America’s Fans Are Worse.

    Ummm… that’s a bit over the top. Are you kidding me, performing behind a glass wall for his own protection? Get real. I bet you America’s Justin-Bieber-Lover fans are even more wilder and crazier than Sydney’s.

  • Anonymous

    hhahhahah megan fox…
    good luck with that.

  • Anonymous

    it’ll happen.

  • jonasgirl425


    at least jonas fans know where to draw the line :)


    SHUT UP.

  • Anonymous

    um i hope your joking.
    maybe not now cause they dont have that many fans anymore(it’s true sorry), but their fans used to be insane.Dont act like jonas fans are any better.

  • Anonymous

    Well Jonas Fans Are Just a Bunch of 6 year old Bitches obsessed with theese creepy 30 year old men if u like the jonas brothers that is illegal they are all aldults idiotic BITCH

  • MicheleLovesJustin

    Fuck you. People who love Jonas can suck a fat one.

  • K.F.D.M.S lover


  • Hangover

    Megan Fox?well,Good Luck:)


    lovw him<3

  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    ahaahhaa…good luck with getting megan fox for the next music vide, justin

  • K.F.D.M.S lover

    didnt see the video
    ya write like she is going to say yes

  • merissa99

    megan fox?? why do people think she is pretty?
    love justin :)

  • Anonymous

    Evey tie he says girls that he likes like ‘Beyonce and Meagan good’ these presenters always bruch off the black girls and concentrat on the white ones. He said he like Meagan good and the guy is like ‘but what do you like about Kim Kartazian”..
    Racist Mtf****rs!

  • Anonymous

    Every time he says girls that he likes like ‘Beyonce’ and Meagan good’, these presenters always brush off the black girls and concentrate on the white ones. He said he likes Meagan good and the guy is like’but what do you like about Kim Kartasian?”..
    Racist Mtf****rs!

  • Love you bitch.

    Why would they do that?
    Yeah,sure Bieber fans are crazy, but this…no.
    Even Justin hates this idea.

  • vanessa

    If he could have any 3 girls.. and he choose.

    Meagan good
    Kim Kardashian

    Im thinking he likes big bums eh?

  • Jenns

    This is stupid. The “glass shield” is a freaking window! He is performing in at the studio where this show is filmed. They’ve had many people perform there.

  • A-Ly

    Haha its funny some people thinks he actually WANTS to this performance behind glass. But I think I understand- with what happened at the Long Island mall and scooter gettig arrested for not taking enopugh security precautions you know. :(

  • Serenity.

    New post.

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3


  • Anonymous

    Olá sou d Brail meu Nome é Thaís de Matos

  • Anonymous

    oh justin, you want megan fox in your next video?? good luck buddy! :)

  • Anonymous

    Ocean up fucking sucks. Stop posting lies

  • Anonymous

    I’m from Australia and sunrise is on(which is where he is going to perform) and I’m pretty sure they will let him perform outside, they even said sooo(:

  • Thaís

    Eu Amo Justin Bieber amo muiiiiiiiiito

    Sou do Brasil em Bjooos

  • Anonymous

    do u no a shadra fruguson??? i think i spelt that roung that to oops o well. she is my bff says she knows u plz reply dont no if i should belive her help :(

  • Anonymous

    haha a glass shield, thats a little extreme isnt it.
    you should come back to england we would really appreciate it.
    p.s i never thought i would see the day my gran raving to baby. :)

  • dayna



    from justins twitter: NOT goin behind a glass shield. That is lame. gonna b with my fans – http://bit.ly/8ZaB1r
    i would edit this post OU….[: