Meaghan Martin HATE YOU New Song

Thx oceanUP Resource & Flawless!

  • Anonymous


  • becccaa?

    LMAO…. Smart ones, This is an OLLLLDDDDD song.
    i had a meaghan jette martin fansite for a little while or so, and this is DEFFENTLY an old song, just with slightly newer, better quality.
    Nice oceanup :| haha

  • Anonymous

    I think ALL disney girls that are famous at the moments CANT sing or act. Demi is alright at singing, but that’s all. We need some real talent.

  • Anonymous

    this song is like 2 years old…seriously

  • Sammi Hope

    This song was leaked like a year or two ago..

  • Effy

    alltherightmoves. said:

    this is actually really good.
    Better than I thought it would be, but recently there has been too many actors turned singers

    almost all disney kids do that sooo, let’s just say I’m not surprised

  • Anonymous

    this song is NOT new… its been out for like a year and a half…

  • ChocolateBonBon

    I’m just glad it isn’t another ‘Spectacular’ (:

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    im sorry but who ever said she was better then demi. r u fucking deaf. demi doesen’t yell it’s called belting. u wanna hear screaming go listen to a death metal band and then tell me she screams. its belting. u ovbiosly don’t know much about music if u actually think she is better then demi. demi is the only person on disney who can actually sing and carry a note. get your fucking ears checked.

  • AnnaMorgause

    SOOOO not new. I’ve known about this song since at least the summer of ’08, if not before then.

  • tata57

    omg this song is old
    it doesnt mean shes going to become a singer guys she told in a vid she wouldnt
    and this song is old so till now she hasnt done a song so shes keeping her words

  • CC
  • Anonymous

    She has a much better voice than the Selena and Ashley Tisdale and a much more pleasant voice than Demi. Demi just yells too much. It’s catchy.

  • Katie13

    seems like im the only one who liked it -_-

  • alltherightmoves.

    this is actually really good.
    Better than I thought it would be, but recently there has been too many actors turned singers.

  • Effy

    this song is actually at least 2 years old ..

  • EmmaaCharlotte


  • Anonymous

    It’s totally not new…

  • cheaperbythedozen

    I just don’t think she has a good voice, shame though coz I do like her.

    10 THINGS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I got that song since like a year ago !

  • Anonymous

    Typical “I can’t sing, so I’ll talk with a little bit of sing song in my voice.”

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