Honor Society Meet & Greet 2010 DATES


Honor Society Meet & Greets @ Hot Topic locations: 4/17 – 3:00PM South Hills Village 301 South Hills Village Pittsburgh, PA. 15241. 4/22 – 5:00PM Oxford Valley Mall 2300 E. Lincoln Hwy. Langhorne, PA. 19047. 5/2 – 3:00PM Natick Collection 1245 Worcester St. Natick, MA. 01760.

  • MrsBieberr


  • Anonymous

    andrew is such a cutie in that pic!

    pittsburgh one is sold out but ill be at the soundcheck! plus i got a meet and greet! :)

    i love HS! <33

  • Fiona

    Would you believe that the members are in their 30s, just saying. Never listened to their music though…

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  • Abby

    I want to see more Honor Society posts! HS is the best. DUH. #343

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  • twycgnb

    don’t know who they are

  • Tayyylor

    I wish there was more HS posts… hint hint ;)

  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone doing that gay heart thing, freaking hell people. ITS LAME!