Disney TALENT 101 Seminar


Victoria Justice & Bridgit Mendler featured in an AP article about finally getting their own shows. Bridgit auditioned for the role on Sonny in Sonny With A Chance, but Demi got the role. Gary Marsh said: ‘Bridgit is a great example of.. us finding somebody, knowing that we wanted to do business with her..

..and then waiting to find the perfect role.‘ Media consultant Jonathan Taplin said Disney puts talent their stars through Talent 101 to help deal with issues such as Vanessa Hudgens naked pictures leaked online and Miley Cyrus posing seductively in multiple photo shoots. He said that the networks have to have a backup plan. Gary: ‘We try and give them a kind of lay of the land of how their lives are about to change and what things they have to watch out for.

The seminar advises them on security precautions and how to behave in public or in front of the press. On fame, Bridgit said: ‘I don’t think it’s something I can really prepare for..’ Victoria: ‘It’s kind of surreal that I’m even sitting here now [On the set of Victorious], kind of looking back on my past story.’

  • mileyluver15

    i know why she bugs me everytime i see her she reminds me of a vampire

  • pacl34

    Smart idea disney! Your stars are getting a little too crazyyy

  • Anonymous

    shes really ugly with no makeup on

  • fuckurmouth

    is she not wearing make-up so pretty

  • Anonymous

    Bridget isn’t all that pretty but she is a better actress than Demi. I would probably like SWAC if she were on it. She has a more pleasant voice than Demi too.

  • leLIVREinterdit

    bridgit is amazing. and i love victoria too.

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  • AnonsAreRad

    i hear ya
    agreed 100%

  • mileyluver15

    i dont find bridget that pretty or good of an actress or a good singer
    but i just wish i was famous im soo jealous of her and victoria.. :(

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I like Victoria, but not Bridget. I don’t know why. She just bugs me :/

  • Anonymous

    people like one and not the other because one worked w. a jonas and one did not.

  • Diamondback

    Bridgit’s awesome.

  • lanaa

    Agree. :)

  • hithere

    she is very pretty
    so is victoria!

  • MaryMary

    She annoys me since Alice Upside Down.
    & same in The Clique.
    & same in Wizards.
    & same in Jonas.


  • Anonymous

    WOWP – Dude Looks Like Shakira Commercial and little Interview


    Can’t WAIT!!!! <3 :tongue:

  • Hilary

    .. cool.