Hanson Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ VIDEO

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    weird al completes me.

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    I am a huge JB fan but started going to Hanson concerts when I was 7 with my older sister. I’ve seen them 9 times and they just keep getting better and better. Other than the fact that they’re brothers, they can’t be compared to JB. This song is bad a** and the dancing is great. I think JB takes themselves too seriously to ever do something like that but thats okay.

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    YAY! Hanson. :) I love their new video.

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    I loved them so much, yea that what i said when seen jonas brothers , trying to be hansons. great video

  • g-force

    the boys are fo sho back. this is def the best song of this decade…HECK, THIS CENTURY. hanson deserves 5 million grammys and a slap on the butt.
    they should do a duet with the jonas brothers, although hanson would obv out-shine the shallow, untalented likes of kevin, joe, and nick.

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    HOLY CRAP! is this the mmmbop hanson? they have changed soooo much! No more long hair :p

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    I LOVE HANSON!!! Thank you for posting this video OceanUP!

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    Isaac, Taylor and Zac ahh my boys <3

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    HANSON!!! YAY!! WAW, it’s been forever!!! Can’t believe Isaac is dacing!! their sound is amazing now, so mature! Love ‘em! They were sobrve to break with their former record becaue they wanted to grow as musicians. they are not as popular as before but they are indeed wonderful musicians! Go Hanson!!!

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    when I was 7 they were my jonas brothers
    i thought me and zac were going to be together
    forever little did I know back then

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    this made me smile =)

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    YAYAYAYAYAYY This made my day lol I will always and forever love hanson
    SHOUT IT OUT! June 8
    Five of Five April 25

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    Anonymous said:


    Pssh they’re way better.

  • KittieJ

    I like that they referenced the Blues Brothers movie (especially the classic scene with Ray Charles) but I sort of wish they were sing stuff more their age. It’s creepy to see people who look almost 30 trying to be teen popstars.

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    I was in this music video!!! I drove down from Minneapolis to Tulsa where they taped it in the Greenwood District or something like that, and got to dance during the crowd scenes!!!

    I love the positive comments on here! I love Hanson! They are amazing artists, musicians, singers, and people. They put on the BEST shows and each one of them is so extremely talented, and uniquely talented from each other. I love that they write, record, produce, and play EVERYTHING on their own.

    YAY HANSON!!!! I can’t wait to see them perform each studio CD of theirs in NYC starting in 10 days!!

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    love them :) they do such great things for the community! thanks for posting!

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    Jonas only wish they were men enough to actually right a song to their potential. but no cannot upset disney and mommy and daddy lol

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    hahahah trying to be teen popstars??? no. not even close. how is this not their age? it’s funky and bluesy. nothing like current popstar music. hanson stopped being teen popstars a LONG time ago. now they’re an amazing rock/pop band who make music because they love it and love their fans, not for fame or to relive the mmmbop days. they’re not trying to be something they’re not.

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    I hope they keep making more and more music now!!
    & Hopefully they will be as big as before!!

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    I agree Hanson is soooo much better than the JB. They are so talented and I have always loved them. ALWAYS WILL!!!

    Everyone needs to buy the new stuff when it comes out!!!!!

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    Awesome vid!

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    I love these boys so much! I was so sad when this song didnt make there last CD The Walk but Im glad to see its going to be on this next one! Love love love them and will be a dedicated fan for life!!!

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    fucking awesome oceanup for posting this hell yeahh !

    this is the only good thing u guys posted in a longg timeee !!!
    <<33333 oh and… “THE JONAS BROTHERS OF THE 90s! :)” ummmmmmmmmm…NOT EVEN CLOSE..BUT NICE TRY SWEETIE.

  • pacl34

    I like it!
    New fan right here!


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    WOW can Hanson do something and stop being called the Jonas brothers of the 90’s? Hanson has more talent and Devoted fans then Jonas brothers ever will. Jonas brothers are Fad of Disney Manufactor Talent. Hanson Is the real deal. It’s 2010! Give the Men some credit and get over the 90’s. 1997 was 13 years ago! Love this New Song!

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    okay…. hanson is incredible, ive seen them in concert. theyre great. but why would you put them on oceanup?! thats sooo lame! theyre not teeny boppers anymore, theyve grown & are way out of that. & zac said theyve never even heard a jonas brothers song in their life…so people should really stop compairing the twoo… cause the jonas brothers dont even come close to hansons talent.

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    WHOA! this is really Hanson???? from the 90s??? you know i remember them being pretty talented for their age but this is CRAAZY! They’re amazing!

  • Mel

    gosh i used to love these guys so much when i was young.. i think i now remember why..music and vid is just so good. aah so good i couldnt stop smiling

  • Luna of H.net

    He’s also the guitar player with the long hair and the beard. and Zac’s the drummer and himself, there’s only Tay that i didn’t saw playing 2 roles. Love the vid love the song it’s hilarious and well inspired ^^

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    ahhh !!! they are my ALL TIME FAVORITE !!! i’ve been 2 6 concerts the past 6 years now ! Ughhh ! SOOO happy you took notice ! Their talent is incredible ! MORE HANSON !!

  • Lisa

    Finally, THE BEST BAND EVER! Sorry, but they’re one of the few bands out there today who ACTUALLY have TALENT! My favorite by far!

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    yessss! love hanson!!!! everyone buy their album when it comes out. it’s gonna be sooooo good!

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    Hanson has released albums in Europe. i dont know if they have toured over there in a while but i know that the albums have all been released in Europe. Hanson has just as much appreciation for their fans as Hanson does

  • -Kat-

    wow, they still existe

    but for everyone bashing Jb, oh well Europe hasn’t heart of Hansons for a decade – so the only song I do know is mmmbop – the younger Brother Band at least cares for Europe ;-)

    I have to admit that I loved the song back when I was 10

  • Kourtney

    Hanson!!! <3

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    Oh my God it’s HANSON?! Whoaa there.

  • case

    Omg…I feel like I’m 11 again. These guys were my first musical loves. :)
    Hmm…I think I just gave away my age…*runs away*

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    comes out on june 8th i believe.. i could be wrong but go to hanson.net and pre-order it! : )

  • Fiona

    Never heard of them. Didn’ watch the whole video but 5stars cuz of the guy with the huge afro, lol, LOVE IT.

  • Fanson since ’97

    WHAT…OU posted Hansons video?!?!?
    Amazing!! Yay!!

    After all these years Tay still puts the ‘mmm’ in ‘mmmbop’


    and zac looks soooo cute in his leather jacket!

  • Carleyyy

    Oh my god…that was amazing.

    <3 Hanson!!!

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    I only can make-out which one’s Taylor. Can’t guess between Zac and Isaac.
    I used to love them – still do. Thank you OU. :)

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    Isaac is in the black suit

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    love that this got posted here. i was never into hanson when they were mmmboping around, but i re-discovered them when they were older and really liked it!

  • Mrs.AlexNoyes

    I know exactly where they filmed that.
    Still love them.

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    their music is so good…
    love living in the same town as them too! Tulsa<3

  • JenLynn

    HANSON!! <3 Definitely buying this album! =)

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    I’ve been thinking ’bout somethin’ other than YOU