Alyson Stoner Flying Forward Single Cover


How to hear it FIRST under!

  • Anonymous

    She actually has a really nice voice if you bother to give it a chance.

    Quit hating, jealous people.

  • Anonymous

    Alyson Stoner playing in an elevator near you on April 19th.

  • Anonymous

    Alyson Soner has been on disney for such a long time; she is one of the few celebrites who still keep a hold of who they are. If you actually listen to the song; it has a meaning. Unlike some of the other worthless junk people are writing these days. At leaste she has her morals, and is really a great role model. I think that she is really ‘flying forward’, and I wish her the best. Good Luck Alyson!

  • Anonymous

    She’s lovely and one of the more talented (and tolerable) Disney girls.

  • kelkelkel

    Did anyone else notice the angel wings that are kind of faint next to her? I guess to go with the whole “flying” aspect of the song.

    anyways, its a pretty good song as her first single. Can’t wait to hear it! She seems like such a nice and fun person.


  • Anonymous

    why are people shocked shes singing shes on camprock!!! she sings on camp rock…and plus shes reallt good at singing!!

  • Chandler Jean!

    Looks like we’ve got a triple threat on our hands. :D
    She’s a sweetheart. I don’t understand why she gets so much hate. People obviously don’t know what talent is because Alyson definitely has it. I just wish Disney would give her the credit she deserves.
    But anyways, I’m happy for her, and hopefully more people will realize how much potential Alyson has once CR2 and her new single come out. (:

  • hithere


  • Anonymous

    Ah estou esperando por esse dia :D

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the vocals were so heavily edited you could hear the robot-ness.

    She’s not good enough to be considered a “triple threat.” She dances, okay, great. She is a sub-par actor. And she just doesn’t sing very well.

    I don’t think the marketing she’s getting is enough to make her successful with not-very-good singing like some other people have been able to do.

  • twycgnb

    you have got to be kidding me.


    She sings now?

  • Anonymous

    are they gonna use this for some movie/tv show or is she planning on having a singing career as well?

  • Anonymous

    next post

  • AlyStonerwillbeok

    OMG i actually kind of like it!! she gonna get a lot of hate though, for the hole triple threat issue…. but i support her…:)

  • Anonymous

    I likeeee i likeee