Jake T. Austin, ‘Selena Is Really Sweet’


Jake T. Austin chatted with MTV about his costar and friend Selena Gomez: ‘She’s a very talented actress for her age and she’s a really sweet and nice girl. She’s got so much going on, it’s amazing how she’s able to stay grounded..

..and keep sight of everything that’s important. She’s my good friend so we talk about stuff and I talk about stuff with David and everybody. We all have different relationships with each other.’

On being less famous than Selena: ‘You’d recognize my face sometimes, but, you know, I’m not really in that so much, which I’m kind of happy for. I’m happy I’m a little more on the DL so I’m able to go to school and, you know, do those things, which I also find very important.

On Selena dealing with tabloids: ‘She’s a teenage girl. All girls like reading those magazines and going to the websites and all that. But, yeah. I mean, everyone gets stressed out.’


  • lalalalea

    i ship delena.

  • omar

    sel is such a good role model, i love her so much and jake aww how cute cant wait for jake movie guys please stay tune!!!!! CAnt wait for jacke MOVIE i been waiting so long”

  • liveinlove

    Selena is so awesome(:

    She has proven to be such a great role model, and she’s gorgeousss (;

    haha I love their pictures(:

  • lydia

    That’s cool, I love Selena & I’m happy she has a great friendship with her co-stars.

  • Anonymous

    selena is the best!!

  • Anonymous

    awww i love tha picture ;)

  • Anonymous

    of course she is… shes sooo amazing!!

  • Julianna

    It’s Selena and Jake!

  • Chelsea-Rose

    They’ve both grown so much! It’s weird watching episodes from the first season, they all look so young

  • Anonymous

    Selena post bad comments about every star on Oceanup all the time we know shes always here.

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess. You also know where Bin Laden’s hiding.

    Well, your comment holds partially true. For all I know, you are Selena. Anyone here could be Selena, honestly. Even the person who you like to chat with could be Selena…

    Honestly? Here’s what I think:
    but I don’t think she’d run the risk of a hacker going through IPs of posters and letting everyone know that one IP is from where Monte Carlo’s being shot or something. But you never know. I don’t assume things.

  • Anonymous

    Shes so fake.

  • Anonymous


  • cheskasg

    i love her she is amazing girls :)

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe I used to like her. Shes so fake.

  • Trololol

    So,what is D.L.?
    Reminds me of someone….*cough*

  • Anonymous

    DL is not someone dumb fuck

  • Anonymous

    Not everyone knows these abbreviations. Chill.

  • island.B

    Awhhh :) Jake&Sel’s pic is adorable<3