Jimmy Robbins Gonna Get Better VIDEO

  • Kenzie Beckett

    i love him(:
    he toured with mitchel musso, and i loved him ever since<3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He reminds me of Aaron Carter and Jesse McCartney. Which means he’s good and cute :)

  • Loverly Day

    AHHH! This guys got talent!! :) and he’s cute :)

  • Fairy

    YES! go jimmy!!!! i love my boy

  • rasburry

    aw jimmy is the cutest. i remember when i first heard him, he’s gotten a bit bigger since then :P
    cute music vid

  • AlyssaCarson

    He’s got a great voice!

  • jackkiee

    JIMMMMMMY! on oceanup?yayy
    he is the sweetest, most amazing dude everrrr

  • Julianna

    ehh :/

  • Anonymous

    who ever he is, hes cute :)

  • guitarmaster

    I love JIMMY ROBBINS!!! I met him 5 times!

  • wowisnumber1

    he is amazing!!!! i love this guy :)
    his music video is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    i cant believe how much he looks like jesse mccartney (the cute version at least…)

  • jackkiee

    JIMMMMMMMMY! on oceanup? yayy
    i love that boy, he’s the nicest person ever.

  • cheskasg