Ashely Tisdale looked beautiful and physically fit as she busted a move on the set of her CW cheerleading pilot Hellcats with costar Aly Michalka in Vancouver, Canada on Friday. Photos: Flynet.

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t have a very good stomach!!!

  • Mareike

    Anonymous said:

    She doesn’t have a very good stomach!!!

    lol, why? did she eat something bad? :S xD

  • Lisa Anne

    That’s what I call a healthy body
    of course she’s not that thin anymore but her body is toned
    people who say she gained weight probably have those super skinny models on their mind who don’t have muscles

  • Anonymous

    Too bad she has pads in her sports bra. I hate when girls do that.

  • cupcakestastelikeviolence

    She looks a little fat and flabby :/

  • musiciseverything

    I love you Ashley! :D

  • Mareike

    Your Mom Was Here said:

    she kinda looks like Danielle Deleasa

    but way prettier

  • msjonas13


  • LucyWhite

    She’s cute.

  • Anonymous

    Selena Gomez – Life Swap/The 5:19 Show – 17th April 10

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  • Anonymous

    she looks like she’s putting on a little weight.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like she’s putting on a little weight.

  • nick

    Ya, she looks really fit

  • Richard

    Her chest does seem to be somewhat larger, girl is cute
    anyway and she looks great in that outfit. Maybe there is life
    after Disney.

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding me? putting on weight… i dont think so. ashley is a beautiful, skinny girl, DONT BE A HATER.

  • itsautumnbelle

    she’s so freaking cute. i love ashley! <3

  • Anonymous

    She does look a little meatier (sp?) but I like it. She has an amazing body.

  • Anonymous

    WAT?? she’s pretty fit, and for that person saying if she got a boob job like really? is that necessary?

  • xJonasXCandyx

    she looks prettyy.

  • sdsdAnonymous


  • MakeMeMusic

    Well ofcourse she put on a little weight, she’s alot older than she was on Suite Life! Seriously, she’s really fit, and pretty. I want to see this!

  • MakeMeMusic

    Well ofcourse she put on a little weight, she’s alot older than she was on Suite Life! Seriously, she’s really fit, and pretty. I want to see this!

  • K.F.D.M.S lover

    iwauld love to have her bady

  • K.F.D.M.S lover

    whats the story of the show

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding me? putting on weight… i dont think so. ashley is a beautiful, skinny girl, DONT BE A HATER.

    Uhm I’m pretty sure the person meant it in a good way. She does look like she gained weight and she looks AMAZING. :) Looks like she’s at her perfect weight, not too little not too much. Good for her!

  • Anonymous

    seems cool! Can’t wait for Hellcats!! :))

  • Anonymous

    whats the story of the show


    The story was like a high school cheer that compete to be the leader of the team, or something like that.. By the way, i love your icon. I guess you’re a dalena/delena fans?

  • Anonymous

    says the girl with a Miley Cyrus icon…lmao

  • coco

    Her legs look great… but she still needs a little bit more work on her mid section. Just sayin! She looks good though.


    Cute girl – another stupid made for TV movie which I will be watching!

  • A

    She’s just right….very fit, but not anorexic. Perfect!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Her midection looks great! Stop looking at photoshopped covers!

  • Anonymous

    ugly face

  • Hanry

    so delicious!
    very hot,hot,hot!!

  • lucia

    she looks so beautiful as always!!!
    love her

  • Anonymous

    love ashley and for years had posters of her all over my bedroom. I love her and everything she did. I still love her but my obsession has died down becasue of a smaller amount of work she is doing. I agree she looks like she gained A LITTLE wait

  • No Bitchassness

    I think shes one of those people that have to work to stay slim but she looks awesome!

  • 1joejonaslover111

    OMG i love you ashey you are soo beautiful ;]

  • xiaoxiao

    the girl with a Miley Cyrus icon…lmao

  • Yeah

    She’s pretty and not fat, but I agree with the person who said that the fact that she used to go to the gym practically everyday, I would have expected her body to be more defined especially her middle section

  • kikime

    Knowing i’m skinner/ look better than her wearing that makes me feel better about myself

    Is that bad?…

  • Anonymous

    for people saying shes had a boob job…you can see the underwire of a bra in her top.

  • Anonymous


  • emma13

    shes so pretty and her body is great. i cant wait to see this show.

  • Anonymous

    She’s gained muscle, not weight.

    You people are enough to make anybody feel bad about themselves.

    I think her body is AMAZING :)

    Glad to see a meatier celeb, rather than a twig.

  • Cami

    Ashley looks amazing!!!!
    this show is going to be awesome! i can’t wait!

  • woof

    Dang. She looks older than 24. Oh well, she’s in great shape.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Good God, this show is going to be epic, I really hope it gets picked up. Ashley Tisdale is all kinds of sexy, and I don’t care that I’m in the minority for this opinion, that means more for me!

  • Anonymous

    She’s really fit.

  • Grace

    Yaya! This show is gonna rock it! Ashley Rules! Woop!

  • Anonymous

    she looks kinda chubby

  • taylor

    I really hope this gets picked up.
    It has an amazing cast and all the extras on set have said that it’s going to be great.
    Not to mention Tom Welling is producing it and he’s freaking awesome.

  • Anonymous

    She looks incredible!

  • Jen

    Ashley looks great but the show sounds really lame to me. If the show gets picked up, I don’t see it lasting past a first season.

  • Sam

    wildcats-hellcats… lol

  • Anonymous

    Nice bod.

  • Miranda

    She looks hot! Love the hair color and her tummy is sexy!

  • raysa

    she’s soooo pretty, she’s in a perfect shape, love love love her, show is going to be great!

  • kari

    wow she looks amazing

  • kari

    i can’t wait :D

  • kae

    i loved her body, she’s a SEXY woman

  • anh

    what the hell? someone said she look older than 24…? u probably need an eye check up lolz. She’s amazing…i can’t wait for the show to come out. yay!!

  • sj

    I’m sorry, but she’s too thin. No boobs, no legs, no butt, her stomach’s flat, but it isnt toned

  • nancy

    haha…I was just there today. It was filmed at UBC. Everyone was freezing their butts off.

  • Alex

    She looks great! Not too muscular but obviously fit. If only I could get my lazy ass off the couch…

  • Darche

    What an ugly stomach. That’s just the start, she’s going to be really flabby in no time. Even has a good start on love handles and she’s young.

  • Anonymous

    Pfff you wish you looked like her.

    She looks great! She has a pronounced waist, long legs and an overall amazing body. What do you want her too look like? A muscled man with a 6 pack and huge arms?

  • ZJ

    Woah!!! <33
    She looks amazing!! !Fit and Hot!!! :D
    Way to go Ashley

    This show is looking good!! So hopefully it gets picked up


    let’s go HELLCATS!!
    Can’t wait to see it!!!

  • Gintare

    wow, i’m so excited, Hellcats will be awsome

  • ash


  • Jannii

    Shes perfect & hot.!
    Hellcats will be awesome =DD
    Cant wait!
    Looking super sexy as an Cheerleader

  • sena

    perfect body boy ashley ? love you

  • dance

    perfect nice cool lol

  • Anonymous

    Ashley is looking really good, I hope the show works out for her.

  • CanadaGirl

    Ab work STAT, and cut down on the bread!

  • Unknown

    This girl is amazingg.
    She did not get a boob job. I hope not.
    Pshhh, maybe her boobs grew or she got a bigger bra.
    dang, everybodys just looking at her flaws.
    She’s NOT perfect. Who you think you are criticizing her!
    love her . Tizzy.

  • crazylady

    she is so pretty and just awesome in general…love her. I could honestly go bi for her. yeah I have a huge girl crush.

  • Anonymous

    i love her legs :)

  • christian louboutin shoes

    beautiful !I like her!

  • Anonymous

    Wow there’s so many hateful girls who like to sit on their computer and pick on every little flaw they can find (or, most often, make up) about a gorgeous girl, like Ashley here. Unless it’s the same girl posting over and over again, which wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  • Claire

    I love Ashley and think she looks absolutley beautiful here but I don’t think you could really call her legs long considering she’s 5’3. She does have Amazing legs though :L They’re really feminine x

  • picstoburn

    she’s pretty :) i loved her every since the suite life of z and c. and aly since phil of the future :D

  • Anonymous

    she’s skinny & beautiful, but considering how much she goes to the gym, i would figure she’d be more defined.

  • Anonymous

    She looks sooooooo cute in her costume. She is in great shape. Get all of Ashley’s clothes here

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    She looks pretty.

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  • Anonymous

    She’s almost never looked better <3

  • Mareike

    Hellcats looks good! and I love the cw’s shows

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    I can’t bother typing in italic anymore.

  • Your Mom Was Here

    she kinda looks like Danielle Deleasa

  • inwonderland

    Your Mom Was Here said:

    she kinda looks like Danielle Deleasa

    i never noticed that but your right :D

  • Anonymous

    Did she get a boob job?

  • Anonymous

    Is Vancouver the only city in canada?

  • Christina-Marie

    She look’s beautiful to me! No reason to make fun of her!!

  • Anonymous

    She looks really pretty :)

  • Hilary

    she’s so freaking pretty

  • Anonymous