Vanessa Hudgens NYLON COVER GIRL


Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Greene on Nylon’s new cover. Thx BabyHudgens!

  • Anonymous

    theyre all so beutiful :D

  • dewi

    Weird that some people on OU don’t know Ashley Green, the Twilight saga is not pretty huge ? :s

  • mileyluver15

    whos the blonde chick??
    i love ashley greene and vanessa hudgens

  • Anonymous

    Vanessa looks gorgeous :)

  • dont jugde

    very cute <3

  • beccaroo

    they all look pretty except for the middle one. and i agree with


    the blonde girl does look scary

  • Nylon

    Vanessa looks gorgeous and ashley too, dont know who the blond girl is but she looks nice

  • oxoemmaoxo

    The girl in the middle looks freaky.

  • Ariel Bieber

    Vanessa looks gorgeous not a fan of her but she is pretty
    Honestly I have no idea who the other girls are Nor Do I care :)

  • seriously.

    Vanessa looks stunning!

  • Cookies

    seriously. said:
    Vanessa looks stunning!

    Your icons really bright!

  • Cookies

    ooh! Ke$ha icon!!

  • Anonymous

    The girl on the left looks really mean, the girl in the middle looks possessed and Vanessa looks like an airhead with that clumsy pose and face expression. Not a very good picture of either of them.

  • yeahyeahyeah


  • Anonymous

    BAMF Princess said:

    V and the blonde chick look gorgeous. dont know who the bitch on the left is, don’t care
    Her name is Ashley Greene
    and if you don’t know her why would you call her a bitch

  • oxoemmaoxo

    yeahyeahyeah said:


    happy b-day.

  • peacelovehearts

    Who is that random person in the middle?

  • Anonymous

    vanessa is so crazily gorgeous

  • Sweetdisposition?

    peacelovehearts said:

    Who is that random person in the middle?

    That’s what I’m asking too:D

  • Hangover

    I love Ashley<3

  • Katie13

    Vanessa and Ashley look amazing!
    Whos the blonde girl in the middle….is she just randomly there??

  • Katie13

    Oh wait the girl in the middle is Portia Doubleday…..shes working on a short film with actor Alex Frost, directed by Marvin Jarrett (the founder of Nylon)

    ^^ so justjaredjr says anyways

  • LoveSuJu

    i love how it’s just on a random korean magazine :)

  • picstoburn

    she’s so pretty:)

  • Anonymous–

    vanessa looks perfect! so HOT and SEXY! :)<333
    ashley Green to:)

  • Anonymous

    vanessa is stunning.

  • mileyluver15

    Ashley Greene is sooo pretty!! omgosh i love herr

  • Anonymous

    love nessa!

  • Lauren

    jealous of Vanessa, much?

    shes gorgeous, is famous, and is dating (basically married to) Zac Efron.

    get over your bitterness because she’s everything you’ll never be.


  • Anonymous

    Ashley looks amazing! as always.

  • Mareike

    ashley looks really pretty… vanessa too but idrc about her

  • cheskasg

    cutes girls?

  • BAMF Princess

    V and the blonde chick look gorgeous. dont know who the bitch on the left is, don’t care

  • cheskasg

    firts lol xd.

  • Anonymousdddd

    nice ^^

  • jonasbabe

    Nice.. (:

  • musiciseverything

    Baby V and Ashely look gorgeous. The girl in the middle looks scary.

  • Sweetdisposition?

    They look stunning but who’s the blonde one in the middle?

  • TSLove

    Ashley looks so pretty!

  • vanessa

    Ashley & Vanessa are both stunning girls!

  • Anonymous

    Ashley looks soooo pretty! V looks ugly as usual. UGH why did vanessa have to be on the cover of NYLON, that magazine is waaay too good for her. First zac efron on NYLONguys now her!! Ick