Sonny W/ A Chance High School Miserable

Part 2-4 under!

  • lioness

    The first part was the best one and Demi kinda looks like her mom with that blonde wig

  • davidyeahhh

    wow this show is getting better and better

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha so funny

  • Katie

    demi rocks

  • Anonymous

    love SWAC

  • Anonymous


  • JennaCyrus


  • Anonymous

    i always can’t wait to see Sonny on sunday

  • Anonymous

    does anybody knows if victotious defeated SWAC this sunday?

  • Anonymous

    This show rocks.
    But I hate Chad Dylan Cooper(Sterling Knight).
    He is so not good looking with his smile.

  • Anonymous

    this really wasnt a good episode. idk all the new episodes of SWAC arent as good as season 1

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, Part 3 – 3:14 Demi is really flexible.

  • Fiona

    I never liked Sonny With a Chance but season two has so much better skits. I love the princess of New Jersey, Demi did such good job there. I may start watching Sonny…

  • me!!

    i really love this show its soo funny but y isnt chad in it that much we barely get glimpses of sonny and chad together anymore

  • Mya

    hahaha, now its stuck in my head. ”NOW ITS THE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL …….”

  • mileyluver15
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  • Anonymous

    no coments here ?

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, I loved this episode. The high school was so dreary and the sketch was hilarious. (:

  • Anonymous

    This show is turning into a Hannah-Jonas show. Please, get back to CHANNY. We all want Channy

  • Anonymous

    I miss chad.

  • Allie

    couldnt agree more!
    that’s what i’ve been saying!
    i mean her new look is great, but sonny is supposed to be a lot more corky-looking who doesn’t really know what her style is, and if she does, it’s more bright and playful, not so much black hair with dark makeup and dark clothing. it’s a cool look but it’s kind of ironic that sonny is looking kinda gloomy :P

  • mileyluver15

    haha i love the first part and then high school miserable not bad i think this was my fav episode to was bad it was a dream… :( hmph i love demi in black hair but it doesnt suit her charchter sonny sonny is soo happy not dark and black… anyone agree? i loved her outfit though that she wore to school

  • Sonny

    hahahaha loved it

  • Anonymous

    so funny

  • Anonymous

    demi is beautiful