Alyson Stoner Flying Forward FULL Song

You can purchase is on iTunes NOW!

  • Anonymous

    I really like her voice. It has a nice quality to it. If she could go the route of early Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, her music would be awesome. I didn’t like the way the percussion sounded in this song.

    Good luck to her, though.

  • Paula

    i love it :) and haters ? just gtfo !
    Seriously , you hating on her wont make er stop singing or change her face so your just wasting your time !

  • Anonymous

    I like the song somewhat and her voice is good. I think it would sound better as an acoustic song, though.

    And for you dumb haters, Alyson can indeed sing. Go watch the videos she uploaded to Youtube of her taking singing lessons; she’s good.

    She’s also very beautiful. Most guys I know would love to get a date with her. It’s so pathetic that people would leave comments here that are just meant to be hurtful.

  • mhmm .

    I think she sounds really great :)

  • Anonymous

    BORINGGGGGGGGG She can dance not sing

  • Anonymous

    Y’all need to back off. You guys probably wouldn’t be do any better. And if you could, why are you on here, downing someone instead of actually trying to make it big? She was good and it was so not over edited. It was edited but really, all songs are.

  • Tina850

    i agree too much editing!! she probably remixed it over
    and over!!! hahaha it barely sounds like her!!:P and this songs stinks!!

  • judi

    alyson stoner has a hideous voice, and her voice was edited too much in this song, it doesn’t even sound like her! ha ha ha ha! she has a very ugly face, and her head is very small! ha ha ha! i hate her. wannabes nowadays!(selena,bridget mendler,ect.)

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  • island.B

    uno ;)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but too much edit in the voice.

  • NotME

    love this <3 over edited, would've loved it to be more natural but blame the producers not her. She played her part and did it well. :D

  • ohcrapitsdanaxoxo

    didn’t listen to the song yet, but i’m not sure if i want to. i think she’s amazingggggg in dancing!

  • Anonymous

    aaaahm nothing special, she’s right but, i mean she cant be famous, she’s not that good…

  • Chelsea-Rose


  • Anonymous

    i love it, i’ve seen her singing on yt and her voice is great live and she’s done an amazing job so far