From Marcelle: On Saturday I met David Henrie at Coachella. He was with 3 other guys that I didn’t know. He turned around and I said the generic ‘Hi! I’m a really big fan. I love you in WOWP!’ He was super chill. He said ‘Oh thanks, that means a lot.’ I asked if I could take a picture with him and he said..

‘Yeah of course.’ He was really friendly and after the picture, he said ‘Enjoy the rest of your night, Marcelle!’ I said ‘You too, David!’ And then he was gone, back into the crowd. He was so sweet and gorgeous in person!

  • Anonymous

    he has really bad allergies and the dust was everywhere there. just cause he’s a celebrity doesnt mean hes high

  • Anonymous

    coachella is a 3 day concert wih 50 bands in coachella ca. lots of celebs and the band and singers are the best!

  • Anonymous

    He is definitely stoned. It’s cochella and his eyes are red. Don’t be naive.

  • Anonymous1000

    stoned again. that didn’t take long.

  • Anonymous

    David & Selena so cute, Delena really cute together.

  • Nixienemi



    Um yeah, David looks and is amazing as usual!

  • Chanells__Cool

    What a babe:)

    Well, judging from the background, it looked dark outside. So maybe that was from the camera flash. Her eyes are a little red too.

  • Annya

    ammm what’s coachella exactly? I mean I have seen a lot of posts that said: nikc on coachella, camilla cambelle, zac efron, V hudgens in coachella, can someone tell me what it is, and if is a place, someone knows were is it?

  • Annya


  • monster

    Mmmm side boob action ♥

  • Izzy

    Is he wearing a sparkly wife beater?

  • Anonymous1000

    No, I puffed with him there. He was stoned. Let him be, it was cochella!

  • Anonymous

    he’s such a hottie! xp

  • Anonymous

    its like woodstock lol

    great food get high drink party ..

  • Anonymous1000

    sorry. i didn’t mean that. he’s tired or that’s the way his eyes look, not stoned. my friend went off on me and told me to stop assuming that everyone without wide eyes is a stoner. i was stupid and i’m sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t you have bags under your eyes and pimple scars?

    Ohh, wait. What’s that thing you put on your face called again? Ends in “up”… MAKEUP! That’s right. He has on makeup!! Solves everything, I say. :D Not something a guy talks about. :p

    Some people can get hit and not bruise.

  • Hilary

    shouldn’t he have bruises?

  • Anonymous

    I always sort of thought human tendency should be to be neutral or like someone before hating him. I know when I first walk into a room of new students, I like them all, maybe hate some later.

  • viachloe

    I dont really like him :/
    but oooh well,
    first? xx

  • Angeliz

    He’s such a cutie !!!!I lov him he’s so talented!!!!

  • island.B

    ahww David is SO sweet :) that girl is lucky.

  • Anonymous

    i met him at coachella to and got a picture but i think its kind of weird when people send there pictures in

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I like David :)

  • Hangover

    He is hot:)

  • Anonymous

    I like him so much

  • ohcrapitsdanaxoxo

    he’s hot