Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam ‘Can’t Back Down‘ premiere!

  • leLIVREinterdit

    i love good luck charlie. people need to give that show a chance.
    the dance for that camp rock video looks just plain stupid. i have to see it fully first to say for sure but i probably won’t be bothered. oh well.

  • DevonneO_o


  • jonasbabe

    Good Luck Charlie is a decent Disney show. It’s better than much series there, for example JONAS. I’m sorry, but Jonas Brothers cannot act, they’re singers. Disney just made them that. Anyways, not excited for CR2. It’s gonna be corny and cheesy and Jemi up my throat all the time. But I am gonna see it for Chloe. I wanna see her acting, she seems good.

  • JemiIsTheNewOrange

    can someone post the link to the video?

    it won’t let me view on this site because i’m on my old cellphone

    thanks in advance

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  • carys

    1st?(: i’ll probs fail now xD

  • carys

    Haha, no one is like.. here. XD :P

  • carys

    but i can’t wait until camp rick 2 <3 ;D

  • Anonymous

    crap second. good job carys ubeat “THE MASTER”

  • carys

    *rock XD

  • carys

    Loool xD

  • Anonymous

    camp rock 2 look cool :)

  • dont jugde

    cool? -_-

  • Andrea

    i like that camp rock song :)
    and demi dances amazing!