Kristen Stewart Replacing Angelina Jolie?


Kristen Stewart is being pursed to to follow in Angelina Jolie’s footsteps as the female lead in Wanted sequel, starring alongside James McAvoy, reports E! Online. Her character would be a ‘young, ass-kicking assassin in the Fraternity’. While Angelina’s character died in the first installment of the film,

She may be brought back in the sequel. However, Angelina reportedly backed out of the film. Kristen is set to start filming Breaking Dawn possibly as early as October, while the Wanted follow-up was originally slated to start shooting around the end of August. New Eclipse promos!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the spoil alert, not! I hadn’t seen Wanted yet.

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  • Anonymous balllllll

    Bella is wearing hollister jeans.haha

  • K.F.D.M.S lover

    no she cant do that part
    she is not an action type actres

  • Alina.S

    Oh god please spare us! This B(#*$ can’t act. I mean you can’t go from Angelina to freaking Kristen Stewart…i can understand Megan Fox but K-Twat!?!?! Seriously….

  • Anonymous

    did anyone else notice HOLLISTER! lol

  • Anonymous

    Haters stfu. It’s a rumor. So calm the fuck down.

  • JBcarmen

    i love kristen hopefully she does it. but she likes doing inde movies because the dont get a big attantion and she hates attention but hopefully she starts getting out of her comfort zone and does stuff like this movie because she an amazing actresse and she would do a fantastic job on this. i support her in anything she does!

  • JBcarmen

    yes yes she would do great hopefully she excepts the part because she hates being in big prodution movie that why she mostly does inde movies! i support kristen on everything she does! stop hating b***h you wish you were as talented as her!

  • Anonymous

    FIRST!! xD

  • pacl34

    She doesn’t seem like the action type!

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    No No No No

    Kristen Stewart CANT act!

  • @majups_

    MY KRISTEN <3 she rock as anybody, ok. and yeah, she will be better than anjelina :P

  • @majups_

    rocks*, btw

  • Anonymous

    Laughing so hard on this.
    Angie is a Diva & Kiki is like a Trash!

  • TErka


  • jlu

    rpattz <3

  • Fiona

    First? (am probably wrong, lol)

  • Anonymous

    I loved that movie and I thought James McAvoy was so totally robbed bc he’d done such a fantastic job in it. I say yes!!