Emma Roberts HOMEWORK New Movie


Emma Roberts & Freddie Highmore are starring in teen romance Homework. Cast includes Alicia Silverstone, Elizabeth Reaser, Michael Angarano, Blair Underwood and Rita Wilson, according to Variety. Production is currently under way in New York for the movie, about a homework-averse high school student [Freddie] who strikes up an unexpected friendship with the girl he’s loved from a distance [Emma]. Filming on Homework is supposed to wrap this week.

  • freddies4good

    great!!!!!!!!!love freddie. i loved emma in hotel 4 dogs. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • freddies4good

    also all those miley lovers have to stop loving miley. she bad.

  • Girlyou

    she is mega gorgeous.

    she’s so cute; ha.
    can’t wait for the new movie.

  • Dat True

    I honestly will not intentionally watch another Emma Roberts’ movie again since she started smoking. It’s a horrid habit, and since she is in the public eye she should know that young girls look up to her. Tsk, tsk, sadly another one gone…

  • grosir baju wanita

    hello.. nice to meet you..

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Kisses from Hol… said:

    I would love this movie but freddie and emma is kinda awkward. ooorrr it just me?
    I agree, it should have been another girl instead of Emma…

  • Fiona

    loved her in Nancy Drew.

  • Anonymous

    Hi there
    Where can I see this movie?

    Anybody can tell?

  • Mileyfan4eva


  • Anonymous

    where to watch it?

  • Anonymous

    She has a glass eye.

  • Anonymous

    if I see it is that Freddie acts very well and is very handsome but Emma will give me jealous

  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    hm…sounds kinda boring..but i love freddie highmore…cnt stand emma though..she gets on my nerves

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  • Anonymous

    What’s so special about this movie??

  • Anonymous

    Homework?Boring title..makes me not want to watch it

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I love Freddie! I might see it for him, but maybe not. I can’t stand Emma.

  • Sara Bin Braik

    firs hahahaha

  • picstoburn

    she’s in a lot of movies this year.

  • picstoburn

    firs hahahaha

  • Sweetdisposition?

    I love Freddie, he’s sooooo cute:D

  • Fiona

    when did she go blond?

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    I would love this movie but freddie and emma is kinda awkward. ooorrr it just me?