Mitchel Musso Doc Shaw KINGS Set Pix


Mitchel & Doc on the set of their new show ‘Pair Of Kings’. Via @MitchelMusso.

  • Katrina

    Follow us girls on Twitter!
    Lex on the left is @LEXXX_0 and Katrina is @THEkatrinaB

  • ISawYouCry

    i’m glad it seems like they’re great friends.
    it’ll make the show seem more believeable.

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  • Moonbeam

    This looks promising. The black guy & white guy setup could turn out really funny.

  • MitchelMussoLuv-TokioHotelluv

    Eye lift LMFAO.
    Of all the rumors I have heard…
    Love ya Mitch, can’t wait for the show!!

  • Anonymous

    Mitchell Musso looks really different..did he get an eye lift or something? He kinda looks scary..

  • Anonymous

    isnt that dude next to mitchell was on caroline movie he played wybie i bet thats him..he has a weird voice lol

  • Roro xox

    sounds good :D

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE that pic of him and Mason. Adorable. And Mitch does look a little weird. I liked his hair better when it was a little longer and more natural, not so black.

  • 30secondstomarsforevr<3

    love mitchell but I liked it when his hair was a little longer and black..its ok :))

  • Anonymous

    Mitchell looks weird b/c it’s obvious that he has a ton of makeup caked on to cover up all of his acne.