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From Abbey: I was at Disneyland yesterday with my family and we were walking around Fantasyland when I saw a group taking a picture. So I stood to the side to wait until they were done.

Then that I noticed it was Nathan Kress from iCarly taking pictures with a bunch of fans! I waited my turn and then asked him for a picture.. he’s the NICEST guy ever. He immediately hugged me. He’s very good looking!

  • oxoemmaoxo

    He’s very good looking

    No just no.

  • Catherine

    dudes! he is cute,the fact that he is not from disney doesn’t mean that we’re gonna hate on him.

  • Sweetdisposition?

    He’s not buttugly either…RUDE peeps.

  • Anonymous

    Very good-looking? Not really..
    Im not being a hater or anything Im just saying the truth he looks like a skinnier version of this fat alcoholic kid in my school..

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    Mileyfan4eva said:

    he is good looking well actually hot. what a big change from when he was in the first season of icarly. he might be the next heart throb. if he and justin beeber were on a two sided poster i would put justin to the stinkin wall. ugly dude.( not nathan)
    I guess I’ll do the same thing

  • Kate

    I was there:) i have a picture with him!

  • Anonymous

    anyone is that a purity ring???

  • Anonymous

    ahh i hate seeing pictures
    like this, it makes me wanna go to disney

    fyi to all the rude bitches
    nathan is not ugly, your probably ugly,
    SO shut up and have respect for people

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Anonymous said:

    anyone is that a purity ring???


    Yeah it is

  • cupcakestastelikeviolence

    I always thought he was cute.. Ever since the 1 st epi if iCarly xD

  • Anonymous

    I think he’s cute.

  • Fiona

    love him from Icarly

  • Anonymous

    mm,,he looks better on icarly (makeup of course)

    he seems like a hobbo XP haha,, i mean like he seems like he just got out of bed,,but he is hot,,he just didnt look that good that day:)

  • Anonymous

    *sarcasm* Wow, OU… you REALLY do know how to pick the BEST pictures of people! He’s actually a cutie. Kind of hot, actually… but this picture if just BLECH… Everybody has lik, bad look days.

  • youre a dork

    i hate when girls pose all stupid like that, you’re not a model-take youre fucken hand off your hip you look like an idiot! and no im not jealous ive met him at least 3 times

  • _Tiger_

    oxoemmaoxo said:

    He’s very good looking
    No just no.
    Haha he is cute. You’re crazy.

  • nathan rocks

    all of us look horrible after hours at disneyland, if youve never been then you have no IDEA!

  • OU sucks!

    ocean up, youre FUCKED UP for putting THAT as the main picture, maybe you can use mileys gross pics too, we’ve all seen them!

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    I actually think hes really cute… I LOVE iCarly, its epic (:

  • Anonymous

    I SAW HIM!!!!!! i was coming out from spacemountain and I saw him and he was walking really fast. I wasn’t sure it was him, and I didn’t wanna bother him and ask for a picture because he was with a girlllll ;)

  • Anonymous

    Talk about backstabbing.Err….

  • Anonymous

    I’ve met him like three or four times. He really is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Very genuine.

  • Mileyfan4eva

    he is good looking well actually hot. what a big change from when he was in the first season of icarly. he might be the next heart throb. if he and justin beeber were on a two sided poster i would put justin to the stinkin wall. ugly dude.( not nathan)

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  • Hangover

    “He’s very good looking!”

  • Anonymous

    like him

  • musiciseverything


  • luzzi

    haaa e e lindo msm muito fofo

  • Anonymous

    WHo cares?
    & very good looking? Yeah no :P

  • Lu

    haaa ele e muito fofo

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    well, I dont think soo…