Kev ‘Can Take The Diamonds Off My Ring’


Kevin Jonas chatted with J-14 about his ‘awesome’ new marriage and beautiful diamond wedding ring at the Disney Friends For Change shoot in LA this weekend: ‘The [inscription in the] ring says ‘K & D’ and has our date.’

Kevin went on to unscrew the diamond part of the ring: ‘What’s really cool, I don’t show anybody this, the ring’s a bezel (a type of ring), so I can take the diamonds off when I want to. People don’t know that!’

UPDATE: Demi Lovato & Jonas Brothers are giving an announcement on Radio Disney tomorrow morning on The Wakey Blakey Show. Thanks to @therealAlyB.

  • Stefanie

    announcement tomorrow?!?!!? hmmm, its getting towards the end of the month.. could it finally be the tour announcement?! :)

  • X3X3PaperheartsX3



  • Anonymous

    I hope the announcement isn’t another fucking tour! No ofeence, but I would Demi and Jonas NOT tour together AGAIN! Also, if it is a camp rock tour, I’m going to cut off their heads!

    Anyway, I think Danielle is soo pretty! Kevin’s defintely my fav JoBro! Although, what’s the point of unscrewing the diamonds???? Oh WELL! They are ADORABLE!

  • Fiona

    happy they’re happy

  • Anonymous

    It is Kevin’s ring. Look at a picture. I have a 4 kt ring (I’m a Mom) and looking at Kevin’s ring it is so cool. He can take the sides off so the stones won’t get damaged when he plays. Danielle’s stone does not come off, that would just be stupid. I think I’m going to redesign my hubby’s ring like Kev’s!

  • Bieberluva12

    She’s pretty (:
    but why would u want to take the diamonds off your ring?

  • Anonymous


  • What?

    no offense, but why is it necessary to take off the diamonds? just curious.

    and OU, kind of rude to put awesome in apostrophes and italicized, that’s like saying it in a sarcastic way or just rude way.

  • abmx3

    rofl , random ?

  • Diamondback

    I always knew he’d be the first one of those yo-yo’s to get a piece :)

  • kattt.

    I’m waiting for the day that a missing diamond report goes out…smooth kevin, real smooth.

    You would have thought after almost 5 years of fame, you’d of known how obsessive some of your fans are.

    OH, and am I the only one DYING for a Kanielle pregnancy and baby? Aww, how cute!

  • harvey

    Tour dates yes please but NO Camp Rock NO Demi!!!! Unfortunately it will probably be either or both since they are trying to build Joe and Demi up to be the next Zack and Vanessa as couples on and off screen. Nooooooooooooooooo!!! Jonas Bros!!!

  • Anonymous

    it’s beats me how is this cool kevin in any way???
    hahaha i love you soo much!!

  • Anonymous

    announcement tomorrow better be tour dates or fans will attack

  • nath

    Kevin please Brazil loves you, please come back <3

  • Bre

    Kevin now you gotta BEWARE! lol when you high five the front row make sure you still got all those diamonds dude ;) lol jk

  • Anonymous

    lol. “Okay bitch. Give me your diamonds, you messed up.”

    Really Kevin?
    Afraid she’s going to pawn it?

  • Anonymous


  • harvey

    Love these guys but they always seem to be shopping and carrying huge bags!!!

  • Gleekedout

    I enjoy that update

    fo shiz.

  • Nixienemi

    I don’t I understood this post!

  • superJOEman

    That’s cool..

  • Nixienemi


  • ilovemusic

    Kevin. :D

  • Your Love is my Drug

    Im happy he’s happy (:

  • Anonymous


  • AAC

    I love this man so much.

  • Anonymous

    Cute :P

  • Julianna


  • love_love_love

    they’re so amazing. happy they’re happy <3

  • sexylady


  • Deluminator

    And now they do. So next time Danni gets mobbed and has someone try to unscrew that diamond. You better brace yourself.