Haylie Duff and her boyfriend Nick Zano attended the Earth Made of Glass premiere as part of the Tribeca Film Festival held at the BMCC/ TPAC Theater in New York City, New York on April 26. Photos: Fame.

  • becbec36

    OMG she’s dating nick zano? LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD.

  • lioness

    wow, I thought that was Danielle

  • Anonymous

    she REALLY looks like danielle jonas :O i thought it actually was for a second there.. :p :D

  • Anonymous
  • DemiIsMines

    WOWO! I thought it was Hilary too at first because I was scrolling down tpo fast then I saw it said Haylie.

    She really looks like Danielle.

  • DanielleFan

    When did Danielle go to the Tribeca Film Festival. WOnder if Kevin was there.

    lol just kiddin. I wish I could go to the TFF

  • Anonymous

    wow she looks like danielle jonas.

    is danielle black by the way?

  • _liesyoutold

    is it me or she just totally looks like Danielle?

  • Anonymous

    i thaught that was danielle jonas…

  • Anonymous

    it looks like danielle jonas..but whatever he boyfriend is hot! i watch him all the time in what i like about you. lmfao

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY! Now everyone’s seeing what I’ve been seeing for months. She seriously looks like Danielle.

  • Anonymous

    wow that’s Danielle


  • lalalalea

    i thought thats danielle :o

  • cheskasg


  • Kisses from Hollywood

    theyre engaged right?

  • Anonymous

    She looks so much like Kevin’s wife!

  • Fiona

    at first i thought it said Hilary and i looked at pic and I’m like something changed…
    Leave it to me to get confused

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    I thought it was hillary, and I look back she look like danielle, and it must be haylie

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Haylie Duff and Danielle Jonas really are the white/black versions of eachother :)

  • Shannah

    Oh haiii dani Jonas ;)