Jonas Bro ‘Demi Everyone’s Special Guest’

Ryan Seacrest April 29 interview. Thx Without Limits Site!

  • Anonymous2

    it was so annoying with the constant laughing what are they on red bull i couldnt follow half of the nonsense.

  • Bre

    Ryan: Aw, that’s awesome, go away. LMAOO

    Ryan is funny. & The Jemi thing makes the timeline a little iffy for me but I love them no matter what. And is Dani gonna be on the Jonas family’s bus? 0.o

  • Anonymous

    What exactly happened at the cowboy stadium??? please tell me :D

  • ThatboyisaMONSTER

    Oh man. that was a laugh :’)

    “And you go, I know Ryans gonna be pissed..” xD

    “She’s staring at my butt.”

    oh Kev, “I hope we get an A!”

    I love there interviews with Ryan. :)

  • Alyssaluvsyou

    ‘aw that’s awesome, go away.’ lol Oh Ryan.

  • love_love_love

    haha. i laughed like the entire time. i love their interviews with seacrest :]
    joe “are staring at my butt?” haha priceless. and who wouldn’t? ;]

  • Anonymous

    Great interview with Ryan!

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha did anyone else notice how sad Joe’s reaction was when Ryan asks if they share a bus with Demi. He’s like “Nah…” Hahah.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone do a brief rundown of what the interview was about….I’m not in a place where I can listen.

    What were the more interesting parts?

  • Rachel

    LOL I love the Jonas Brothers because they are so hilarious, sweet,and so down to Earth!!! And he wouldn’t want to stare at their butts:)

  • Anonymous

    ” i hope we gen an A”
    gotta love Kevin

  • SummerKisses

    Ahhh theyre going to be in Washington DC this saturday for the White House Correspondents dinner! I wannnnnna be in DC

  • Anonymous

    I love Jemi:) and they’re definitely gonna last!!!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome interview! Can’t wait for all the Jonas coming up this summer

  • No Bitchassness

    This interview was hilarious!

  • Elly

    They’re always entertaining on Seacrest. :)
    Ryan’s always so blunt and direct with them, and it always makes me laugh.

  • Anonymous

    haha joe “are you lookin at my butt?” hah this interview was great =D

  • Anonymous

    Nick is the smartest one of the bunch by staying single! Enjoy it dude as long as you can!

  • say AAH!

    lmao AT RYAN
    he made me DIE
    love the boys on when they are on here.
    it is always funny :)

  • Nina

    Loved it!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What kind of parents pour their entire life savings into their children’s music career, watch it fail, wind up 90 grand in debt and say ‘what the heck…lets keep doing it!’?? I love the Jonas Brothers, but man, those are some questionable calls their parents made.

  • fireisinourhearts

    this was hilarious thanks to Seacrest, I love the comments he makes.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha as if

  • Anonymous

    Its cool how now they are open about their relationship. Boys become men.FInally.

  • StarLight24

    I couldn’t even listen to the whole interview. It got boring. lol. Ryan’s interviews always seem boring to me. He just seems to want to dig into their personal lives and then end the interview. It’s repetitive. The concert thing kind of reminds me of the HSM in concert thing. lol

  • Colleen

    They are so hilarious!! Love them <333

  • Anonymous

    jemi<3333 kanielle<3333 poor nick :(

  • My_Bench_Stupid_Hobo

    that was cute and funny, and i just love joe kevin ryan and nick!

  • Anonymous


  • Lilly

    That was quick

  • lalalalea

    loved the interview

  • Lilly

    Now let me laugh at the line “Everyone’s special guest” :P

  • SummerKisses


  • Anonymous

    Aww they are cute.

  • dont jugde

    ” Demi Everyone’s special guest” LOL xD

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Demi’s gonna dump Joe after all this crap is done. Don’t even infatuate yourself Joe.

  • Anonymous

    Well, at least THEY are excited about it! o_O

  • Anonymous

    I love the jonas brothers and ryan they are hilarious.