Taylor Momsen Jessica Szohr Off Gossip

Jenny & Vanessa booted off Gossip Girl. Happy or mad?

  • Anonymous

    nooo why would they kick them off??!
    iloove both of them!
    but thank god their going to be back!(:

  • Hangover

    That sucks:/
    I love Vanessa..

  • JBcarmen

    no not jenny i love her and her skims on the show. and taylor momsen does an amazing job on playing her! uhg i usally just watch because of her but it better not be true. :(

  • JBcarmen

    no not jenny i love her and her skims on the show. and taylor momsen does an amazing job on playing her! uhg i usally just watch because of her but it better not be true. :(

  • Anonymous

    I soooooo agree on expanding on the Jenny character, n Jenny n Nate are so amazing together, every girl needs her prince n he has fulfilled that role for Jenny from the start. I mean Serena is such a dull character, who is probably sooo popular because all of her outfits show off the obvious assets and she’s easy.N then they come with this whole misunderstood character who goes through a series of men to find herself?Please!!!I say down play the Serena character, she really seems to have absolutely no brain cells n therefore she is only good for 1 thing(yay 4 the men i guess)!!! Let Jenny rise, she always suprises in a messed up but brilliant way!!!

  • jonai

    taylor is a snotty bitch. im glad she’s gone! dont care about vanessa either.

  • AnonymousJ

    Who cares about Glee…OMG i like Vanessa, well i don’t like her but she’s one of the main characters. And i’ve been wanting Jenny to go off and die for about 2 years now so that’s good news. :/

  • Mareike

    Jenny is my fave character don’t care much about vanessa tho

  • Sweetdisposition?

    GG is irrelevant these days to me…the vampire diaries is where it’s at:P

  • Anonymous

    I love the show. I don’t think it will be the same without these characters….

  • QueenRoxxy

    ha. finnaly. :D

  • StarLight24

    Sweetdisposition? said:
    GG is irrelevant these days to me…the vampire diaries is where it’s at:P

    THIS. I haven’t watched Gossip Girl in months.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Taylor Momsen because she looks always annoyed. But I think that the charakter Jenny should not leave. There will be missing something.

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY I HATE THEM BOTH SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joenasfan22

    aww i liked vanessa, but her and dan have been pretty boring lately.
    Not a big fan of jenny, but she makes the show pretty interesting. oh well

  • Anonymous

    MADD, i really like jenny :@, shes one of the best characters!

  • Anonymous1659

    THANK YOU GOD!!!! lol, i literally have hated both of the characters from day one! (although in real life jessica seems like a nice person) good riddance.

  • Anonymous

    i hope neither are leaving. both characters have been so deeply intertwined into the plot, to get rid of them would be stupid. i think both are amazing actresses and would love for both of them to stay!

  • HAPPPY (:

    I’M SO HAPPY!!
    its cool that taylor momsen can be herself and all but she trys to hard to be cool and edgy. and both vanessa and jenny on gossip girl are such annoying characters. they keep getting in the way of the good story lines

  • Anonymous

    I think Vennessa’s character is borning from the beginning I always fast forward through her scenes. But I love Jenny they need to do a bit more with her character than just being a b*t*h What happened to her dreams of being a designer what about her role at her school. I think her and nate have more chemistry than Serena. Serena always is so predictable bad girl turned good then bad again but not really just mis-understood.

  • Anonymous


  • carbomb__

    Guess this means Dan and Blair are gonna get together…

  • The Real Deal

    Oh well it’s no big deal. They say the characters will be back next season.

  • Reggie12

    No effin way. If they let go of Jessica Szohr, the show’s balance will be destoyed. All we’ll ever see is Serena the Slut Queen & Blair who’s not so good either. Kids can’t watch it anymore, so to speak.

  • aaliyahnoelle

    okay as much as jessica’s character was annoying in gossip girl i actually liked jessica, the actress herself not the character. i enjoyed seeing her on the show just because i think she is a good actress, and she is gorgeous.


  • leLIVREinterdit

    they can’t let her go!
    as for the jenny charcter (i like taylor tho) good riddance.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Momsen is not leaving. she will be absent for some episodes in the next season because her tour but she is NOT leaving gossip girl.

    I don’t care about Jessica, she sucks and her role is such useless.

  • cheskasg

    OMG FIRST :)

  • Anonymous

    I dont like those two anyways

  • Anonymous

    Good riddance, Taylor Momsen!

  • livvv

    Good! Taylor momsen is starting to do my head in!

  • Anonymous

    Yes! I don’t really care that much about Jessica, but I’m god damn happy Taylor is leaving.

  • PaaperPlanes

    GOOD! :D
    Serena and Blair were outshining them anyways.

  • Anonymous

    Well. okay, cool. My two least favourite characters are leaving..

  • Anonymous

    OMG finally!! I didn’t like either of them anyway

  • Sasha Jonas

    Omg not jenny!!!! She was my fave cuz she’s such a bad girl lol… idc bout vanessa I never liked her… but jenny… this sucks… they should atleast do another show on It Girl so jenny culd come out in it… those books were good n is all about jenny n a new clique… tht would be an awesome show…